Can they report me?!?!

  1. So a few weeks ago I posted on here about issues with a home care agency... basically, I gave four weeks notice that I was resigning due to things being the complete opposite of what I was told during an interview. Anyways, I had a few unlocked admission documents that needed reviewed by QA/QI... essentially meaning that I needed to make changes to my assessment per their standards (not what I assessed). I only worked one day per week and they kept leaving messages on my work cell which I had off on days that I didn't work - never bothered to call my personal cell which I told them to do. Monday was to be my "last day" although I never said I was actually coming in then to turn in belongings. I got a nasty call from a supervisor stating that I was going to be turned into the state board of nursing for job abandonment because I was not coming into the office (to finish up changes to documentation). Now, I have read and re-read the Nurse Practice Act for my state, and it only refers to job abandonment as leaving patients... not this BS situation. I turned in my equipment today. Can they really report me for that?
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  3. by   eeffoc_emmig
    The smartest thing to do is call your state's BON. They will give you the most accurate information.
  4. by   MauraRN
    Quote from eeffoc_emmig
    The smartest thing to do is call your state's BON. They will give you the most accurate information.
  5. by   MauraRN
    Sounds like they are blowing smoke. You did your documentation. You turned in your equipment, hope you got a receipt. I don't know of any other nursing job where you do your admission OASIS and QA/QI gets to change it in order to jack up the case mix numbers for increased reimbursement. Check with your BON, but don't let agency bully you on this.
  6. by   xoemmylouox
    You can always ask your BON a general question about this, and perhaps drop a line to your malpractice insurance.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    I suppose that technically, you can be reported to the BON for anything. Now whether the BON will take action against you based on that complaint is another matter.

    If the complaint has nothing to do with the BON, they'll forward it to whoever should have it or just discard it. Also, BONs get a lot of complaints that after investigation turn out to be unfounded or there was no violation; those complaints are closed and your life goes on.

    I agree with everyone else: ask your BON for the best answer.

    If you're in CA, here's a good starting point: Board of Registered Nursing - The Complaint Process
  8. by   youngheartoldhead
    beat them to the punch and report THEM to the BON. if they are using a nurse to try to force you to change your documentation, then that nurse would be in trouble for documentation fraud. nurses cannot do that. they claim that you have an option to say you dont want to change it, but we all know that isn't true for some places. how DARE they try to screw another nurses license, reputation, and life up.

    and many board of nursings do not have any authority over employment issues (and no notice is an employment issue). Impossible to abandon a patient in home health if there are nurses at the office. and we dont stay with these patients 24/7, care is intermittent.
  9. by   withasmilelpn
    Baloney - btw, many, many employers don't know nursing practice laws, or for that matter labor laws. Or what they think they know is wrong.
  10. by   BamaRN2004
    your gonna be just fine. That is a load of crap and sounds like she was threatening you. Also look into the EEOCC and file a complaint too with them. That will definitely make it aware you did nothing wrong and will put the spotlifht on them and they will get scared for what wrong doings they did to you. Good Luck.I see no reason of any discipline. let us know that happens
  11. by   BrandonLPN
    Meh. Anybody can report anything to the BON if they really want to. Any stupid thing. Whether or not the BON will give a flying fig is another story.

    This supervisor is either bluffing in an attempt to scare you, or she's ignorant. I wouldn't worry.
  12. by   Caribbean Character
    This is like when I was an over the road truck driver, we had to know the laws (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations AKA The FMCSRs) better than both our company and the enforcement agency (Department Of Transportation). I plan to take the same approach to nursing.
  13. by   hope3456
    Some Nurse managers, in my experience, liberally use "license reporting" as a threat. IMO, they should be reported for unprofessional conduct when they make such allegations and there is no basis for it.