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On facebook I have a habit of getting into discussions about the social aspects of politics. Im a conservative, I never use any racial epithets, never threaten violence and I use statistics to... Read More

  1. by   Kratoswife
    Quote from joeygiglio
    Supporters of Trump being called racist just because of their vote.

    If I were a hiring manager I wouldn't hire based on your personality. I can already tell the type of person you would be at work. ( very attention seeking)

    I went to nursing school with some Trump supporters but they know where their bread and butter comes from so they keep it professional.

    Most of my friends don't even know who I voted for, so you bringing up this topic proves my point. Keep your political beliefs to yourself!
  2. by   Julius Seizure
    Quote from ThePrincessBride

    I don't support raping racists.
    It took me a few tries to read this the way that I think you actually meant it. I was wondering, "did I miss a news story about a racist getting raped?"
  3. by   Emergent
    Before this thread gets closed, I just want to say that those who dislike Trump seem to let him take over their thoughts. It was the same with the Obama haters.

    Don't let Donald Trump get to stay in your head rent free. Try to discipline your thoughts to more positive ones. Don't let your hatred for this man erode your life.
  4. by   dianah
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