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I work in a small rural hospital in Missouri, 100 beds. Our average census is anywhere between 30-50 pts. I and other staff have to take turns with on call and low census, when patient census is low. Sometimes this is a weekly... Read More

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    This happens a lot at my hospital. We are a small, critical access hospital so it is either feast or famine. We maintain a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio, we have even been 3:1 so that no one had to take call. Generally speaking, someone always wants call so that helps. Other than that we all take turns. We are also not allowed any overtime at our hospital, it makes sense, they need to trim where they can and overtime is expensive. I've gotten a second PRN job at a close by hospital and I usually pick up 1-2 days there and usually even out to 4 shifts a week.

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    The person scheduled with the least amount of cancelled hours that month usually gets cancelled first, at our hospital.

    I started signing up for extra shifts every week (4 hour princess shifts here and there) and get cancelled for, I wanna say, 9 out of 10 of them. They do count them as my monthly cancelled hours, so when they were looking to cancel somebody, I didn't get cancelled for my 12s.

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