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Can nurses carry a calculator on the job to calculate dosages? I'm terrible at math when it comes to solving problems in my head. It's like my brain gets scrambled. Due to this I'm getting discouraged about becoming an LPN.... Read More

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    We have calculators all over the unit and do everything on computers with built in calculators.

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    Yes!! You should know how to set equations up (you will learn in school) though but you may use a calculator.
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    I should have added that I always carry a calculator. While computers are very good at crunching numbers, sometimes (like the last hospital I was at) they disabled the calculators on the computers, and while the EMR system had calculators built in, it was often just faster to pull out the one in the pocket than to find the right one in the EMR system.
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    Yes, you may carry a calculator. Be aware, however, that you will have to be able to pass math and/or calculation tests in school, and your particular school may not allow a calculator during testing. If you think you need a remedial math course, go ahead and take one. Good math skills are important.
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    Even if pharmacy does most of the med calculations, you need to double check them. I've caught many errors in calculations done by pharmacy.
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    Quote from poppycat
    Even if pharmacy does most of the med calculations, you need to double check them. I've caught many errors in calculations done by pharmacy.
    How do you check reconstituted bags? That's where most nurses I know have issues, figuring out how to dilute vials of antibiotics. Not how many capsules or pills make up the required amount.
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    we use own calculators, phones and of course the ones on the computer desktop
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    Obviously, you can't check reconstituted bags from pharmacy. Since I've always worked in Pediatrics I've never had the luxury of having pharmacy make up piggybacks for my patients. That was something the floor nurses did. However, there's a lot more to figure out than just how many pills to give for the right dose.
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    Quote from 1Luv_xo
    Can nurses carry calculators on the job to calculate dosages?

    You're not in nursing school anymore, so there's no reason why you can't have a calculator with you. Especially since now you have your own nursing license--so you'd better get that dose right

    Use the calculator in your smartphone/cellphone/iPad. If you are not allowed to use your phone on the floor at work even for this (don't laugh--some places are very strict about it), then go to your local dollar store and pick up 2-3 cheap calculators. Keep one in your bag or on you. Donate another one or two to the desk at your nurses' station.
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