blood transfusion

  1. when do you use leukodepleted blood versus untreated blood? what is the difference and what are technology risk? For example, in patients with anemia or for OR?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Homework? We don't do your homework for you. Have you looked up any of this anywhere? What did you discover? What have you learned already? Tell us, and we can help you fill in the blanks. For starters, find the answers to these two questions...on your own, in your books, not from "Ask somebody at AN."

    What does "leukodepleted" mean?

    What do the cells that are removed from leukodepleted blood do? If they weren't there, what would the effect be?
  4. by   OCRN3
    I have been a nurse many years and never used untreated blood.

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  5. by   iluvivt
    If not homework I can answer.....let me know?
  6. by   canned_bread
    By leukodepleted, do you mean irradiated? I am in Australia, so it might be a terminology difference, but I haven't heard of leukodepleted and have worked both in paeds and oncology where the "special blood" goes.
  7. by   klone
    It's a wonder how people passed nursing school before the internet.
  8. by   oldbean
    Treated blood products are used to avoid adverse reactions. There is always a transfusion risk when using allogenic blood products.
  9. by   mappers
    Does the OP mean PRBCs? I've never seen whole blood given to a pt.
  10. by   nurseprnRN
    It appears the OP may have left the building. OP, you still there?
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    Quote from GrnTea
    It appears the OP may have left the building. OP, you still there?
    Had to turn in the assignment before they got the answer they wanted?
  12. by   Vishwamitr
    My best guess is that "leukodepleted" blood is the whole blood minus WBCs.
  13. by   All4NursingRN
    If meaning irradiated, I know patients with positive antibodies in their blood or patients on chemo may receive irradiated blood.
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    When it is ordered!!!! What do I win??