Best online place to get CEU?

  1. 0 I was wondering where are the best sites to get online CEU's? Which sites have the most and best covered topics that are user friendly and thorough?
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    I like Western the best
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    Free: Medscape and Medpage
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    Am Nurse Assoc
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    Not sure about cost, but texas tech is pretty user friendly
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    0 - there is a section of free CEUs.
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    I just tried and it was so user friendly and easy. It's $29.95 a year for all the CEUs you want. likes this.
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    Pearlsreview has lots of choices for courses.
    Most of the course chapters are 1 ceu ,but the content is well done.
    You can print out your ceu certificate after completion.

    Approx. $69.00 for 1 year unlimited.

    The course selections are reviews for nursing specialty board exams.
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    19.99 one year unlimited
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    The KCI wedsite has a link to 10 free CEU's available.
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    Quote from dizzyray822
    I just tried and it was so user friendly and easy. It's $29.95 a year for all the CEUs you want.
    Thanks for the kind words about our site

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