Best online place to get CEU?

  1. I was wondering where are the best sites to get online CEU's? Which sites have the most and best covered topics that are user friendly and thorough?
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  3. by   iluvivt
    I like Western the best
  4. by   netglow
    Free: Medscape and Medpage
  5. by   linearthinker
    Am Nurse Assoc
  6. by   AggieNurse99
    Not sure about cost, but texas tech is pretty user friendly
  7. by   April, RN - there is a section of free CEUs.
  8. by   dizzyray822
    I just tried and it was so user friendly and easy. It's $29.95 a year for all the CEUs you want.
  9. by   jahra
    Pearlsreview has lots of choices for courses.
    Most of the course chapters are 1 ceu ,but the content is well done.
    You can print out your ceu certificate after completion.

    Approx. $69.00 for 1 year unlimited.

    The course selections are reviews for nursing specialty board exams.
  10. by   joanna73
    19.99 one year unlimited
  11. by   knorahs65
    The KCI wedsite has a link to 10 free CEU's available.
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    Quote from dizzyray822
    I just tried and it was so user friendly and easy. It's $29.95 a year for all the CEUs you want.
    Thanks for the kind words about our site
  13. by   LBLOVERN!! I never comment on anything but this was 100% worth the money. Super easy hassle free. Will use this again and again. This is seriously legit if you have allot of ceu's to get in a short amount of time this is the best thing for you. The information was informative straight to the point and you can retake the test immediately if you fail. My hours showed up on the states website within minutes of completing. I seriously feel like this was too good to be true. I am kicking myself for never using this before.
  14. by   _firefly
    My time has finally come to do my first RN renewal. I do actively work as an RN so I cannot use a hospital's LMS system to get good, free classes which would of been my first choice. So I am researching. I have licenses in two states (CA and FL). I am so far beyond excited about CEUFast ( - The Fastest, Easiest way to fulfill your Nursing Continuing Education Contact Hours online!). I'm excited for a few reasons: 1) they are accredited in CA, FL, DC, KY, and AL. 2) They have a nice very easy to use website. 3) They immediately linked in CE Broker for my Florida license. 3) They are only $30 / year for unlimited classes

    Let me explain my other experiences so you understand:
    1) $20 paid site - Unlimited Online Nursing CEUs for 19.99 (Official Site) - Server is impossible. Website is difficult to read. Pages crash constantly. Just painful. I can't imagine trying to get through 30 hours of interactive video content or even text and photo content.
    2) (as someone suggested) - $65 for bundled packages of 30 or so units. Twice as much?
    3) ANA - $36 for the medical-surgical class worth 10.78 hrs. Probably a great course but I'd still be paying almost twice as much and missing almost 20 hours. The other offerings seemed on par with this hours to pay ratio.
    4) Free CE Courses | Free CE > Nursing Continuing Education Courses - there were only about 5 offerings each worth 1 CE. By the time I got to the second one (after already having to do all the registration), I was already being redirected to another site and starting registration all over again.

    My problem with the free sites is:
    1) No guarantee I'd get enough units between them to not have to sign up for a paid site.
    2) No guarantee these will be accepted by one state, yet alone two
    3) I do not want to register for multiple sites (especially considering a potential audit)
    4) They are fairly difficult to navigate.