Best lotion & hand soap?

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    What is the best hand lotion for dry & cracked hands? And does any one have a good hand soap that doesn't dry out your hands?

    With all the bugs out there and it starting to be cold and flu season, I can't help washing my hands all the time. (It could be a little OCD ). With all the classes I'm taking talking about all the bugs that could kill me and having 2 kids at home that seem to bring everything home, I'm a little crazy about washing my hands. SO if anyone has any suggestions on a great lotion please let me know.


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    Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion is the absolute best out there for dry-cracked hands.
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    One suggestion i have is that after washing your hands, rub lotion on while your hands are still wet, THEN dry them off. This helps a lot.

    I'm fond of Vaseline's Water Resistant lotion for my hands. It works well, and i can still turn a doorknob after putting it on.

    I would avoid the heavy scented lotions (i.e. Bath and Body Works). The perfumes can aggravate (and sting) dry cracked hands.
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    I like Neutrogena hand creme. Their glycerin soap is good too.
    Some of my coworkers recommend Bag-Balm (Dairy farmers swear by it)

    Fortunately I have soft hands and hardly ever have chapping. Don't know nails are thin and break so maybe that is my trade off.
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    Quote from Ohmygosh
    Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion is the absolute best out there for dry-cracked hands.
    :yeahthat: I was just coming to post that! I really like the way it smells too.
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    I recently bought some gold bond lotion and it really has helped.
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    As far as soaps go, I have had the best results from ones without Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates. It can be somewhat tricky to locate these, but I've found a good selection of several brands and scents in health food stores. Also, more and more stores have "natural" or "organic" sections, where I've been able to locate soaps. In these same sections, there is usually a selection of lotions.

    Some of these products are little more expensive, but I've found I need a lot less of the products, so I don't think in the long run cost is an issue. Besides, not having to worry about non-intact skin on my hands or having discomfort/ itchiness makes it worth it for me.
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    I'm very senitive to soaps....and detergents and name my dermatologist told me to use Cetaphil cleansing bar and lotion....the lotion is not as moisturizes your skin and does not make you feel like it was vasaline you put on...but the bar is real washes well and does not make my skin has no detergents in I can usually wash all I want without gettting too cracked or I've been using these so far and my skin looks great...actually it has not been this smooth in years.....I love it now. I'm sure that my mom will be happy to know when she analyze she always does b/c she's always concern for my allergic messed up skin reactions...and she's gonna say...oh,wow..what did you do?...I have not been able to clearly see my finger prints in a long time..but these products have made it possible...not too expensive also.
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    As far as lotion, try to get samples or little bottles,( Wal-mart and Target usually have the newer ones available) and see what you like the best, Some feel different than others, I like Nivea hand lotion, it is smooth and soft and absorbs in quick.! Good luck with the trials!!:spin:
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    The very best is Arbonne lotion and hand soaps. Very good. I became a consultant because there products are so good. Good stuff. PM me if you need futher info on it.


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