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    from nursing link:

    "nurses in one unit at the jfk medical center in atlantis, fl, have decided to wear the old-fashioned style nursing uniform for an eight-week trial to see how it would affect patient opinion of the care they received and how this would translate into patient satisfaction scores."

    read the full article:

    what do you think? no mention however as to what male nurses would wear ...
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    Hell no.
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    Ha... NOOOOO WAY!!!!!
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    As a male nurse...HELL NO
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    Sure *** I'll wear it. Although, that would probably have a negative impact on patient outcomes.
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    Well,... might as well make this nice little outfit UNISEX.....

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    I wear an all white dress (complete with slip and hose) to work maybe once or twice a month. It started out as a joke amongst several of us; we all bought the dresses and wore them for giggles one night. Except....I *liked* it. ALOT. So, it goes in regular rotation with my other hospital scrubs.

    I do pay more attention to how I empty commodes, and also how I eat, so as not to get anything on it. My patients love it. It definitely has a retro/hipster feel about it, though. Maybe it's the shoes, the somewhat visible tattoo, my attitude, or simply my own perception, I don't know. It's a hoot, though, and I like it.

    Would I want to be forced to wear one every day? Hell, no. Do I like having the option of thinking to myself "hmmm, tonight seems like a white nursey dress sort of night" when I'm getting ready for work? Hell, yeah.
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    I personally don't agree with bringing the traditional nurse uniform back permanently for women (unless of course it's like BluegrassRN uses it and it's voluntary). However, I do advocate the idea of some sort of uniformity among nurses ... these days, I cannot tell at first glance who is a nurse, CNA or a tech anymore. And they all look like walking botanical garden wallpaper or screenshots of the Cartoon Network.
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    I've worn several different uniforms, but if I had to wear that I'd quit. If I knew coming out of nursing school that I'd have to wear that I'd quit. If I had to wear that in nursing school I wouldn't go. lol

    I wish I knew how to get out of scrubs all together.
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    Quote from Paco386
    these days, I cannot tell at first glance who is a nurse, CNA or a tech anymore. .
    My personal favorite is the supply guy who looks freshly scrubbed to perform a transplant.