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  1. from nursing link:

    "nurses in one unit at the jfk medical center in atlantis, fl, have decided to wear the old-fashioned style nursing uniform for an eight-week trial to see how it would affect patient opinion of the care they received and how this would translate into patient satisfaction scores."

    read the full article:

    what do you think? no mention however as to what male nurses would wear ...
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  3. by
    Hell no.
  4. by   JSBoston
    Ha... NOOOOO WAY!!!!!
  5. by   SoonerRN2009
    As a male nurse...HELL NO
  6. by   AgentBeast
    Sure *** I'll wear it. Although, that would probably have a negative impact on patient outcomes.
  7. by   Flying ICU RN
    Well,... might as well make this nice little outfit UNISEX.....

  8. by   BluegrassRN
    I wear an all white dress (complete with slip and hose) to work maybe once or twice a month. It started out as a joke amongst several of us; we all bought the dresses and wore them for giggles one night. Except....I *liked* it. ALOT. So, it goes in regular rotation with my other hospital scrubs.

    I do pay more attention to how I empty commodes, and also how I eat, so as not to get anything on it. My patients love it. It definitely has a retro/hipster feel about it, though. Maybe it's the shoes, the somewhat visible tattoo, my attitude, or simply my own perception, I don't know. It's a hoot, though, and I like it.

    Would I want to be forced to wear one every day? Hell, no. Do I like having the option of thinking to myself "hmmm, tonight seems like a white nursey dress sort of night" when I'm getting ready for work? Hell, yeah.
  9. by   PacoUSA
    I personally don't agree with bringing the traditional nurse uniform back permanently for women (unless of course it's like BluegrassRN uses it and it's voluntary). However, I do advocate the idea of some sort of uniformity among nurses ... these days, I cannot tell at first glance who is a nurse, CNA or a tech anymore. And they all look like walking botanical garden wallpaper or screenshots of the Cartoon Network.
  10. by   ImThatGuy
    I've worn several different uniforms, but if I had to wear that I'd quit. If I knew coming out of nursing school that I'd have to wear that I'd quit. If I had to wear that in nursing school I wouldn't go. lol

    I wish I knew how to get out of scrubs all together.
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  11. by   Flying ICU RN
    Quote from Paco386
    these days, I cannot tell at first glance who is a nurse, CNA or a tech anymore. .
    My personal favorite is the supply guy who looks freshly scrubbed to perform a transplant.
  12. by   blueheaven
    Patients need to be able to distinguish nurses from Lab techs, radiology staff, etc. I would go for all one color for nursing staff for easy identification by patients and families. Just as long as it isn't white and I have to wear my cap :PPPPPPPPPPP

    It would behoove me to have to get rid of all my print scrubs though

    Some hospitals that have done this have noticed an increase in their customer satisfaction scores. We all know that the "monkey suit" doesn't make the nurse but I feel that not being able to distinguish nurses from the cleaning staff is not a good thing!
  13. by   hazyblue
    It's true that the white uniform separates nurses from the other members of the health team. But for male nurses, that isn't the case anymore in my place because local mall janitors have nurse-white uniforms for duty.

    Our hospital still enforces the traditional nurses uniform in the morning minus the need to starch dresses. I've gotten used to it except for the cap. I just find it annoying.
  14. by   AgentBeast
    Realistically the same sort of system the Navy uses on aircraft carriers would work in hospitals. You have X job you wear X colored uniform.