Anyone working BUT dosen't have to?

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    I was so impressed by this nurse I met, she works at the hospital next door to the clinic I work at. I recently found out shes married to an NBA player, I asked her why shes working if shes married to money? (i didnt say it like that) She says she loves nursing and will always keep a nursing job. Does anyone else love nursing enough to do it if they didnt have to?
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    I would work PRN possibly like 2 shifts a month but I would not work full or part time if I had the means. I don't love it that much.
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    I dont love it that much either. If I was in her shoes, I would probably continue my education all the way to my masters and beyond and work very little.
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    I would still do it, maybe work part-time as I would probably jump at the chance to spend time with family/kids. I don't think I could handle not doing anything plus I've wanted to be an RN my whole life
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    I'm not sure I'd be able to not work. I go stir crazy when I don't work a few days in a row. I need sonething to do. I may opt to do something less stressful though instead of working. Volunteer work possibly.
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    I work per diem. These days my husband earns enough for our family to live a comfortable life without my working, but I still work anyway.
    Why? I have skills that give me confidence and a sense of meaning. If my husband loses his job tomorrow, I could increase my hours to keep the family afloat financially.
    Your friend may not always be married to a rich man(pro sports careers are often shorter than people realize); she might not always be married at all. A career is an investment in yourself.
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    i'm currently working as a CNA and am in nursing school. I don't need to work but I've always wanted to be a nurse so I'm going for it. I plan on working full-time when I'm out of school. (My kids are grown). My income will be socked away for retirement and used for vacations. I may be crazy but I enjoy going to work!
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    Yes I agree, she may not be married to him forever, that goes for any marriage. I would've chosen a higher education over work, so I could support myself and my kids to the best of my ability. Thats just me, to each his own.
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    My friends and I were just having this discussion the other day when we were talking about winning PowerBall. I spent a good portion of my life preparing to be a nurse and I think I would still work per diem if I was rich. I wouldn't do full time because I'd want to be able to travel without having to ask permission but I'd go crazy doing nothing.
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    I'd still work, mostly because I like the independence of not relying on someone else AND, well, I really enjoy my job (most days). I didn't work so hard in nursing school and throughout the years to just give up on something that meant everything to me. And, as was said, life has a way of taking away "security" - and I'm happy to know that even in the case of an economic downturn, I can do what I love and get paid for it!

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