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I saw this picture along with the ad on Facebook. It is an ad for The College Network's RN to MSN program. "Go from an RN to MSN without sitting in a classroom! 100% online program". Really is that... Read More

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    I have seen much worse ads for online nursing programs on FB. I saw one with a photo that looked like the mug shot of a serial killer-not kidding. They are not at all trying to accurately portray the nursing profession. Their goal is only to grab your attention; apparently, they think this is what it takes! Who would pick their nursing program from a FB ad anyway? I don't think non-nurses see these ads and are influenced by them b/c no one takes them seriously.

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    Now that I think on it, I don't know which is worse, the ads with the terrible pictures, or the ones that loudly proclaim that the US nursing situation is in dire straits and that, if you go to nursing school, facilities country wide will be throwing themselves at your feet....
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    That ad and the photo are horrible and continue to perpetute the same tired old trite myths about nurses being hookers
    but as much as I loathe that image, I'm not sure what can be done when FB (or somewhere else) continues to remain legally free to
    use/adapt photos and ads to fit their preceived target audience.

    Final comment? AAARRRRUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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    No quality product would use (or need) such cheesy advertisement; ergo . . .
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    that is the very reason I became a nurse in the first, slutty nurses....
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    Looks like a porn add.
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    I think the ad agency that is resposible for the ad may want to you to send out the "sublime" message that if you take their courses you too can be a young hot nurse! Good grief, yes it's negative in a twisted, weird and distorted kind of way. What an odd picture for RN to MSN
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    And this is supposed to be MSN? ..and completely 100% online? I would not even go to a program like that and would not want graduates of that program taking care of people I care about. That's kinda iffy...
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    whoa..whoa.. so you telling me that nurses dont look like that? DAMN!! thats why i chose this profession... /end sarcasm
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    It is such an advertising ploy. Much like if you happen to see a talk show of the "I tested 152 men and who is the Daddy" variety, there's a number of ads for schools to be a massage therapist, medical assistant....all with scrubs galore, with comments like "get off the couch and call" and other comments that are not flattering and cater to supposed demographics that the advertisers are trying to entice. You don't see ads like that after "Dateline".
    There are people who DO think that nurses wear "cute" little uniforms and hats like the picture depicts, and of course in the picture there's the seductive hand on the back of who.....a dashing MD?
    Ads such as this play on every stereotype and psychological need/want of any person who may be "stuck" in life's circumstance.

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