Anybody LIKE working holidays?

  1. Time and a half. No management. Patients/families almost grateful you're there.

    Am I the only that LIKES working holidays?
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  3. by   dudette10
    Quote from wooh
    Am I the only that LIKES working holidays?
    If it's just between you and me, the answer is YES!!
  4. by   CT Pixie
    Nope, I don't mind working holidays. Since I work 3-11 in LTC I can see the kids open their Christmas gifts, my family will usually bring me a plate of Christmas dinner to work for me AND bring a plate home just in case I don't get to eat at work. Same goes for Thanksgiving. The summer holidays I can enjoy part of the picinic/partys. Since I can only take my extended family in dribs and drabs, having to work the holiday makes it easier for me to bolt sooner rather than later

    I prefer holidays because as you said, no PTB, normally quiet, however there seems to be MORE family on the know the ones you never see any other day of the week..only Christmas, Mothers/Fathers day and maybe Thanksgiving. And those family members seem to raise holy heck when they do show up.

    In general I don't mind working holidays.
  5. by   Psychcns
    I never minded holidays for the reasons above and I LOVED having a day off during the week!!
  6. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    There were some I didn't mind because we didn't observe them. Easter, for example. We didn't participate in either religious or secular aspects of that holiday, so might as well work. I had a deal for years with a Chinese friend; I worked Chinese New Year for her, and she worked whatever holiday I was trying to get out of, typically Memorial Day, since the weather was always nice and it was a good time to try to get to the beach.

    I was always sure to be contractually released from Christmas, New Years and 4th of July. We don't "celebrate" Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. We celebrate Thanksgiving by serving Thanksgiving dinner to those less fortunate as we fast that day. We don't think you can feel gratitude via gluttony, so we approach it differently. In any event, if I had to work on Thanksgiving my family just carried on that tradition in my absence. So in all my years, the holidays I have worked most often are Easter and Chinese New Year. I've been off most all of the others. Now I don't work any at all, of course.
  7. by   Nursetastic
    I don't mind, either. My coworkers are like family anyway so we have little celebrations at work.
  8. by   Catch22Personified
    I worked 11-7 so I get to spend some of the holiday with family and get paid "holiday" time for just one hour technically that day.

    It's working 3-11 that would be the problem for me.
  9. by   tnbutterfly
    Just a little reminder........

    One of the topics for the current article contest is...... "Positive experiences you have had working on a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc"

    You might want to think about submitting an article. The top 4 winners get $150!!!
  10. by   tokidoki7
    It depends on the holiday
  11. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from tokidoki7
    It depends on the holiday
    Agreed. Don't mind working most of the holidays because it's peaceful, quiet...and the double-time salary is nice too.

    Though now that I have a little one of my own, I'd prefer to at least have Christmas off, but if I have to work that day, it's not so bad: it's only 9 hours when all is said and done--I still have most of the day to spend with him.
  12. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    I don't mind working holidays. Pay is great, yeah. I work nights anyway and so management and often family isn't much of an issue to begin with.

    However, the last couple of times I went in to get coffee/something edible to bring in for work on a holiday, the guy working the counter has comped my order. Woohoo!
  13. by   proudauntie415
    Yes, I have to agree. I have no children and my boyfriend works 3-11 in security. I work 3-11 in we have same schedule pretty much.

    Why not get paid double time?!?! Works great, we have Christmas morning, Thanksgiving brunch, and get home for the first kiss of the new year. Not bad
  14. by   Esme12
    I have always liked working holidays for we had awesome buffets!