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I don't know the woman in question, yet news reports acknowledge that facebook has caused another job termination casualty in the nursing community. I know there are numerous posts regarding this topic, yet I figure sharing this... Read More

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    I "google" myself and my usernames everyone once in awhile in order to make sure things are okay.
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    There's an old adage in nursing - you can't fix stupid.
    Facebook, twitter and all the other social networking sites prove the adage true. People are willfully stupid about what they post online and who they share information with. Just because someone you work with wants to friend you does not mean you have to accept. Privacy seems to be a poorly understood concept in our current culture. It's ok to *nudge, nudge, wink wink* about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but how about developing a personal practice policy of what happens at work stays at work?
    I post as little real personal information online as I can get away with and I have no contacts from work on my social networks - it's only for family and is set with the highest leel of security filters the site allows. I don't post anything about a patient or family - and here's the thing this nurse didn't understand - you don't have to give specifics to violate confidentiality, all you have to do is indicate you care (or didn'\t) for the person as a patient.

    Really nurses, learn to zip it!
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    hey folks I am so paranoid even about this site that I try hard to cover my tracks. I think ?
    But I do know that there are people who would love to quote some things I had said on here. This should be a neutral zone. But still I never reveal specific info on a pt's ID. But some of my comments/corp feelings that I have shared could have got me into hotwater. I figure most of us on here try to keep our true ID somewhat distant.
    As for the nurse, unprofesional conduct?. Gosh do we not deserve freedom to expression?. Again I do not see where revealed the name,condtion, what if she made a central statement like "I wished all cop killers burned in hell" would that had changed anything?
    say we say "at times being a nurse sucks"?
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    That's exactly why when I get on Facebook, I chat with a few Friends/Family, then I play my Farmville and that's it.
    Momma always said, you can't just say any and everything that comes to mind without consequence.
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    for pity's sake, people. it's hipaa: "health insurance portability and accountability act". if there's a "hippa," i'm unfamiliar with it.

    considering the education each and everyone one of us is supposed to have, and the size of the shadow hipaa casts over us, you'd think we would all know this one inside and out.

    oh, and the title of this thread, "another nurse bites the dust due to facebook"...come on. facebook is not to blame any more than a soapbox is to blame for what people shout when they stand on one.

    if we blame guns for killing people, can i blame my pencil for spelling errors?'
    --larry the cable guy
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    As health care providers we have a non-negotiable contract with the profession spelled out in our Code of Ethics for Nurses. Clearly, this nurse violated that contract. Why, to aggrandize her own opinion regarding a situation that involved a patient in her care. We are NOT ALLOWED to do that, plain and simple. We are to "practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems." It is rule #1. If you are a person who makes fun of a patient for any reason, is disgusted by the homeless, the drug-addicted, or obese, feels annoyed by the hypochondriac, is repulsed by certain races or are not a nurse and should not be allowed to practice as one.

    We are all human, and need the occasional reminder from our peers that we are talking a little too loudly, or being insensitive... but this nurse crossed a line. I place her in the same category as the surgeon who photographed his patient's tatoo on the operating table or the nurse who withholds pain medication from a patient under armed guard because he is a "scum-bag". This is just my opinion, but I hope if I or any member of my family is ever in the hospital that we "measure up" to the personal standards of whatever poser nurse is caring for us so we get decent care.
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    Quote from JessicaA
    Do I think she deserved to be fired over what she did?? No, not really. I think it was a pretty harsh punishment. It's not like she named him or anything like that. I understand completely that it was a HIPAA violation, but I think people tend to go overboard with that stuff sometimes. JMO.
    Wow, I just don't understand the reasoning behind this opinion. She broke the law. Not only can she be fired, but she can also face jail time and having her nursing license taken away.

    I see so many things wrong with what she did - it doesn't matter if she didn't name names. If she gave enough identifying information about a person so that anyone could figure out who he was, she committed a HIPAA violation. She also called him a "cop killer" (what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I think that right there might be grounds for an appeal), and she apparently made very disparaging remarks about him, which calls into question whether or not she can provide unbiased care to this person. As a representative of the hospital, she made the hospital look VERY BAD and I think they were totally within their rights to fire her.
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    Most people I know are on some sort of social networking site, usually FaceBook. I am "friends" with several co-workers and see some posts that are less than flattering to my employer. I cringe every time and hope that management doesn't find a reason to get rid of the poster. I have even seen threads at AN that refer to my employer and wouldn't post on them for love nor money! As for the nurse that lost her job over that post, she needs to consider that a very expensive lesson learned and be thankful it is only her job she lost. While we should all be a allowed to vent, remember you are venting in a public place and be very, very careful. She wasn't careful, she clearly violated HIPAA and she put her facility at risk for a law suit. She is lucky she was only fired.
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    OMG this has NOTHING to do with HIPAA! (that's how it's spelled BTW) she did not disclose any personal or health information about the guy, she didn't mention the facility or anything. all she posted was her personal feelings about the situation. some ppl are a little more bold about what they post, but that's her discretion. if she gets an attorney she WILL win, despite what anyone thinks.
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    I don't mean this to sound snotty, but because of how strict the HIPAA laws are, what situations are you allowed to talk about patients in? Amongst only certain co-workers? Can you talk about pts with a priest or therapist?

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