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  1. jackierocks

    Georgetown FNP program Fall 2017

    I applied to the fall 2017 cohort at Georgetown and it has now been 4 weeks since my interview. I am very worried that this isn't a good sign. thoughts?
  2. jackierocks

    USEFUL LINKS: Do Nut Crush Pills...

    thank you!
  3. jackierocks

    Alcohol use with insulin injections and BG sticks

    I work in LTC and always use alcohol to clean the skin before all injections whether it be to check glucose levels or inject insulin. I believe there is EBP to confirm infection control issues. I do also realize there is question as to whether any alcohol residue may alter BS values. I dry the alcohol with a few swift hand waves before puncturing the skin and if the pt. has enough blood I wipe the first drop away and use the second. Also, I always wipe the top the insulin bottle before puncturing it as well. At home, my husband does this all without alcohol but as mentioned before the only 'bugs' at home are our own and the environment is more controlled as far as infection is concerned. I say wipe everything at work, it may take a bit longer but in the end it is about pt. safety and quality care.
  4. jackierocks

    Encouaging Teamwork in your LTC

    omg the gossip!! My facility is filled with it. I try and stay out of it, but its hard. At the end of the day its about the patients. Were they taken care of properly? Don't compromise your character by trying to become 'friends' with everyone. It will back fire.
  5. jackierocks

    New grad in nursing home please help!

    practice the 'right' way. You will see ethical and moral standards of nursing comprised. Nurse in good conscience so you can leave knowing you took the best care of your pt.
  6. jackierocks

    Several topics-new to LTC

    where do you work? I currently have 35 patients on my shift and am completely overwhelmed.
  7. jackierocks

    Santa Cruz and sorrounding

    I am a new grad BSN, RN and live in Santa Cruz. Does anyone know of any potential new grad opportunities in the area now or in the near future?! It's terrible out there. Thanks!
  8. jackierocks

    Stanford New Grad program

    Congratulations Babbu and Loma! I wish I got that news. I got a "sorry not selected." Do you both have experience in the hospital? Do you have a BSN? I just want to know so I can increase my chances for future positions! Again congrats!