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I worked last Tues,night shift (7pm - 7am). An lvn was the one who endorsed me the patients that i will be taking care during my shift.One of the pt has an order of vancomycin iv q tuesday and it was written at 02:00 pm by the... Read More

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    By the way,I work in a community hospital near our place.40 bed capacity,4 bed in icu.No emergency room but there's an OR. Thanks TAIT for the advice

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    gwafuh, pick up malpractice.
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    This is not just your fault. I have had this happen to me several times where the med was not scanned but the nurse before me told me she gave it. I have called the nurse before me to ask if they have given a med and tell them I'm just double checking because it was never scanned. Although, I have just assumed the nurse gave it (since they told me they gave it) and just forgot to scan the med. The vanc should have been hung on first shift. So it's their fault too, not just yours. Like others have said, this is probably not the ONE factor that put them in the unit. if a pt. can go septic from missing one dose of antibiotics, then they needed to be on more aggressive therapy. I have pt.'s getting vanc twice daily for weeks along with every other antibiotic to name...
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    gwafuh, pick up malpractice.
    I agree. I just did the same myself a few weeks ago.

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    In regards to the the very high temp, and the MD not calling back...isn't there a protocol in place to do blood cultures or something? Maybe even a rapid response team, to show that the temp wasn't ignored?! I too, suggest malpractice insurance.
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    I would have questioned the order from the get go. Military time has the "0" before the number for am. Such as 0200 would we 2 am. 1400 would be 2pm. I would also say it is a pharmacy or transcription error. there is no such thing as 0200pm.
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    can anyone explain what I Need to do in
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    what's the meaning of desired limit of liability (Per Occurence/Annual Aggregate)?Im trying to sign up in
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    That is the amount of coverage - what they'll pay PER INCIDENT should someone successfully sue you.

    Get the maximum. And you are doing a smart, smart thing.

    The error was not your fault, but not insisting that the nurse who claims it was given sign on the blank space was. COVER YOUR BUTT.

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    Lesson to learn from. I doubt you will lose your license. The manager should speak to you and suggest how it can be prevented next time. It doesnt matter if others were at fault because you had an unsigned MAR and you didnt do the 24hr check. Both should have been done. The RN needed to be called in am to see if it was given. This is a common mistake so don't be so hard on your self. Please do the 24hr checks because they find lots of mistakes.
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