Am I Marketable? At All?

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    Hi everyone.

    I am a senior nursing student graduating in May. This is a pivotal time in my life and I am excited BUT more so scared to say the least. I AM SO SCARED I WILL NEVER GET HIRED

    Because of how terrible the economy is nowadays, I know it will be hard to land a job for the most qualified new grads. However, what about the people with no externship and no experience working in the hospital (nursing asst, etc)????
    Last year I had applied for an externship at a children's hospital but didn't get it (even though I thought I would). After that I applied to at least 50 nursing care partner positions over the summer to no avail. If I can't even find a job as a nursing assistant, how am I going to find an RN job??

    Now I am a senior and time is ticking. I'm starting to apply to nursing care partner positions again but I feel like managers wont want to hire me because they know I will be graduating soon and it will be a waste of their time. Am I wrong?

    On the other side, I am an honors nursing student with regular experience working with children (I want to go into Peds) and I am apart of SNA as well as Sigma Theta Tau. However I feel that the lack of experience will always put me at the bottom of the totem pole.

    Is there any hope for nursing students like me???? I worked so hard these four years and I'm just terrified that it will all be in vain just because I could not find a job/externship during nursing school.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try and volunteer...that will count as experience!
    Don't give up either! Stay positive!
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    You will get something-just be persistent. Stay on top of it and think outside the box. I know you want PEDS (I did too) but new grads are in no place to be picky. Put your app in at a Children's hospital and also at every other hospital in your area. If you have any LTACs, they are GREAT ways to get acute care experience. I graduated this yr. in May with no externship and no medical experience at all. I put in apps in Feb, Mar, April, and May and heard nothing. I just kept doing it and I also attended 2 job fairs which yielded 2 interviews and no job. AFTER I got my license, people started showing interest. I had a job 2 wks. later. Passing NCLEX speaks volumes, it's the real deal and then you will have something to bring to the table. For now, just focus on graduating. You still have a ways to go. Next year, start applying for new grad residencies in your area and as you near your graduation date, keep applying. Remember, you may not necessarily get your dream job to start but you will get something to give you experience that will land your dream job later if need be. Also, you said school for 4 yrs. so I am assuming a BSN program? You already have a upper edge.
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    Quote from luvtonurse
    Hi everyone.

    Now I am a senior and time is ticking. I'm starting to apply to nursing care partner positions again but I feel like managers wont want to hire me because they know I will be graduating soon and it will be a waste of their time. Am I wrong?
    Many managers find this a great way to recruit what new nurses they do need. We've hired at least 6 new grads in the past few years that started as Nurses Assistants.

    Gives the manager an extended time period to evaluate the student & decide if they'd like to hire them.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Keep it coming
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    Stay positive you will make it! Don't let your fears get in the way of your success. I was once in your shoes: I didn't get the externships I applied to, couldn't get a job in the hospital as an assistant/aide/tech, I wasn't even in the top of my class. I barely made it. I feel like now I've always just made it because I didn't have enough confidence in myself, I always brought myself down and they kept me from getting hired. I graduated May 2011 and just got hired on a cardiac floor at Newark Beth Israel, which is amazing! If I can make it, you can make it. You've just got to be proud of everything you've done and stop comparing yourself to other people with other experiences. Your experiences and achievements are valuable too. Just show them how willing you are to learn. Don't beat yourself up for things you can't change. Stay positive and good luck!

    P.S. I did volunteer work also and many places I applied to counted that as experience as well.
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    Yes! Go to hospitals with resume in hand and your 3 letters of ref from instructors, better to ask before graduation so you can get an early start. and ask to speak to the unit manager. Arrive before 3p (most have a staffing meeting around then) 1:00 seems to be a good time for a lot of them. Hand out your resume on different floors. Tell them you are a new grad and really want to work for them. Many unit mgrs. will talk to you despite the job postings that say "no new grads." There's a hospital in our area that hires new grads who do this despite the "no new grads" statement in the HR job posting. HR will go along with the unit mgrs requests. good luck and don't worry if it takes awhile.
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    Volunteer if you can and keep applying for nursing assistant jobs. It is not too late. I was hired my senior year in November! The job market is terrible but there are jobs out there. Apply, apply, apply!

    Are you doing a preceptorship next semester? If so, get in good with the manager! That could lead to something.

    Good luck and enjoy your senior year!
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    Apply to anything and everything you can.
    Eventually you can work to where you want to be
    As a new grad do not be picky, I started out doing flu shot clinics, then peds home health ( which I left due to lack of orientation/unsafe) I then got hired in a SNF. I have been working that job now for 10 months, 2 months ago I got hired into a large hospital system in their long term care pediatric unit for medically fragile children on call.
    I hope to use that experiecne to work my way into the childrens hospital in my area
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    You're just as marketable as other new grads who haven't had an externship and haven't worked as a CNA. And some new grads in your position get hired at hospitals. Not all, but some. I agree it's a waste of time at this point to apply to CNA jobs or hospital volunteer positions. You're too close to graduation to be hired for that. Right now you should focus on networking. If you have any friends or family who work at a hospital, you need to ask them to put in your resume as a referral. Networking is the way people get jobs, your chances drastically increase if you do it this was versus a blind online application.

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