Allergic to tegaderm?

  1. i had started an iv on a stable er patient tonight and she claimed to be "severely allergic" to tegaderm, refusing to let me put a dressing on the site. i had no idea how else to dress the iv site so i just got the labs and took it out, thankfully she needed no meds and went home.

    any other appropriate dressings for an iv site? this patient said "the other nurses just put paper tape on it, that's all you can use on me" well to me that seems like a risk of infection plus it would make it impossible to see and assess the site.

    what do all you experienced nurses think i should do if this comes up again?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
  4. by   flightnurse2b
    there's the clear tape i think it's called transpore tape that you could cover it with, but if it was going to be a site that was left in i can definately see a risk of infection.

    i think they make the tegaderm hp and opsite dressing for people sensitive to adhesive, i've had pts tell me they were allergic to tape and have used those with no trouble... maybe secure the site with a stat-lock, then use the non-sting barrier cream to protect the skin from the adhesive on the dressing?
  5. by   Blee O'Myacin
    I've had a tegaderm give me some skin irritation - I was only supposed to change it q24h, but not on a temporary IV site. We just used tape before tegaderms. I suppose a telfa would have been OK to loosely cover it after it was taped down to keep it covered if you wanted to.

  6. by   kmoonshine
    I've seen some nurses uses sterile gauze over the IV insertion site, followed by tape. I know this won't allow for IV site inspection, but I'd be nervous about applying non-sterile tape over an IV site.
  7. by   XB9S
    We use dressings called Vecafix

    they look like this

    I hate tegaderm dressings on Iv's but like these and the one on the left means you can still see the IV insertion site
  8. by   KeniRN
    We use a dressing called Sorbaview as an alternative to Tegaderm. Sometimes we have pts with central linces that are allergic/sensitive to Tegaderm so we use the Sorbaview. I can remember just tape being used for PIVs before Tegaderm.
  9. by   iluvivt
    The first choice is always a transparent semi-permeable membrane dressing (TSM) If a patient is sensitive you will need to find an alternative. Since an IV site is considered a wound and is a direct source into someones body it must be covered completely with a sterile dressing. My second choice would be to take a sterile 2x2 and fold it in 2 (so it is small) and cover the insertion site.... then take the sterile tape in the IV start kit and make an occlusive dressing. If you make the 2x2 folded twice you can still visulize the sterile tape,,,make certain insertion site is covered with the 2x2. You can also try a different brand of TSM...if you have one one with a high moisture vapor permeable rate like op site 3000. Never use a roller type bandage on any IV site (ie Kerlix roll). These are the INS recommendations.