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Blee O'Myacin is a BSN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, Heme/Onc.

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  1. Blee O'Myacin

    How do you work full time with kids?

    My hospital has an onsite daycare center that opens at 0600 and closes at 1930. And yes, there are days where we will pitch in and entertain some kiddies in the breakroom so Mom or Dad can finish charting. My husband works 3-11p, so he gets the kids up and out in the morning and is available during the day for school nurse calls, etc. We have a high school or college student babysitter in the afternoon/evening. My oldest will be able to take charge in about a year or two, so we are all looking forward to that! Good luck! Blee
  2. Since when is it a nurse's job to become a border patrol guard? If a sick person comes to my ER seeking medical assistance, they will be seen as outlined by EMTALA. No matter what their circumstances or ability to pay. Medical personnel should not be expected to police their patients, it's a clear conflict of interest and ethically wrong. (And comparing child abuse to crossing a border without proper paperwork is like comparing apples to oranges.)
  3. Blee O'Myacin

    Do you know any nursing school nearby princeton??

    The College of NJ (in nearby Ewing), Mercer County College, Burlington County College, Rutgers University (New Brunswick and Camden have programs), UMDNJ. I don't know what the waiting list is like or if there is one, but check these schools out. Good luck!
  4. Blee O'Myacin

    Moms who have made it through nursing school!

    I went to NS with three children under the age of four - one was an infant at the time. If it wasn't for my husband changing his life to revolve around my school schedule, it never would have worked as well as it did. I even graduated at the top of my class (not that it means anything 6 years down the line), but it sure did give my self esteem a well needed boost at the time. As long as your husband/partner is as committed to this as you are - and he will be when he sees the person he loves fulfilling a dream - you will be just fine. Leave the "mommy guilt" at the door when you leave for class. The kids will be fine with their dad, and if anything, it will create a stronger relationship between them. Good luck! You can do it! Blee
  5. Blee O'Myacin


    12.5mg IV in the ED for vomiting after zofran and ativan did not help (perf'ed bowel). Not to mention the behavorial benefits in this particular case. We closely montored for EPS.
  6. Blee O'Myacin

    potassium level

    I also think that underlying causes for the electrolyte imbalances are important. An otherwise healthy person with mild hyperkalemia will perk up my radar, but someone in the unit with a blood sugar through the roof or hyponatremic will have me looking and/or asking for orders for intervention.
  7. Blee O'Myacin

    Intravenous regular insulin

    Dont forget to do (and document) your q1h accuchecks!
  8. Blee O'Myacin

    Studer-Style in the ER...?

    Is it more than hourly rounding? Just from what I was able to google, that seemed to be the cornerstone of this Style. I couldn't tell if if it was from a nurse theorist, or if it was from a PG-esque company though. We do hourly rounding in our ED, but don't have a fancy name for it. (Not yet, anyway.)
  9. Blee O'Myacin

    I'm going to dump a full urinal....

    We were "overstaffed" about a month ago, but there was a 4 hour wait, 15 charts in the rack, fast track patients treated and released from the outpatient lab that gave us some chairs, the medical director and nurse managers out on the floor with a full patient load, and upper admin was trying to force flex two RNs. "Luckily", we had the docs rush the admit paperwork to justify our "overstaffing issue" and we now had too many "holding patients" for the holds staff to handle. God forbid the productivity numbers dip below 110%!
  10. Blee O'Myacin

    I need help: a nurse not prepared for the job

    This never came up during clinicals? There is a big difference between seeing patients professionally and caring for a sick family member or friend. The most important lesson I learned from being a nurse is how to leave my personal baggage out of my professional practice. It takes time, but it does happen. Good luck with whatever you decide is best for you. Blee
  11. Blee O'Myacin

    How do you position a pt who has ICP and is hypotensive?

    Unstable patients are in this position or quickly put there. I'd also have the defib pads attached. This is not the time to worry about whether or not the HOB is at a 30 degree angle.
  12. Blee O'Myacin

    Nurses backache..

    Fill out an employee incident report and follow up per your policy and procedures. Back pain is nothing to mess around with. I hope you feel better soon.
  13. Blee O'Myacin

    child violated at daycare (by child) what would you do?

    When something similar happened to my son when he was in the first grade, we had to take the matter to the police, involve DYFS and sue the school district to ensure that both children were protected. Mainly, I was worried about my son considering that there was violence and denial on the part of the school. So my son is 10, still in therapy (huge peer trust issues), we've changed schools, settled out of court and the other child is now out of state. But this is not an easy thing. If you want to talk about it more, please feel free to PM me. I am so sorry this happened to your son and your family.
  14. Blee O'Myacin

    rhythm question

    I agree. The oncoming nurse should have taken the time to go over the strip with the new (to the unit) employee. Especially since so much time was spent with 'clarification', I apologize if my response was unclear. Blee
  15. Blee O'Myacin

    rhythm question

    It is my understanding that a p wave without a QRS is considered a third degree heart block and is a medical emergency. That's why s/he had an AICD implanted. I think that the bradycardia afterwards was the heart resetting itself. A bit of advice from another preceptor here, always have all the information that you are going to give report with as firsthand. So in other words, this is the patient you are responsible for, look at their strips. The oncoming nurse was annoyed because you were giving her second hand info without looking into it. I don't know how far along you are with orientation, but it really doesn't matter since your preceptor should be listening to you give report. These patients are still technically the preceptor's until you are counted in the census. Good luck. This is a huge amount of information to process in a relatively short amount of time. Blee
  16. I think that the answer here is both meds. The Roxanol will help with the air hunger and the restlessness that comes along with hypoxia, ease any pain, etc. The ativan will help with the additional anxiety. If the patient is "comfort care", then we should be medicating to comfort. So what did you wind up giving? Did it work? Blee