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  1. Blee O'Myacin

    How do you work full time with kids?

    My hospital has an onsite daycare center that opens at 0600 and closes at 1930. And yes, there are days where we will pitch in and entertain some kiddies in the breakroom so Mom or Dad can finish charting. My husband works 3-11p, so he gets the kids up and out in the morning and is available during the day for school nurse calls, etc. We have a high school or college student babysitter in the afternoon/evening. My oldest will be able to take charge in about a year or two, so we are all looking forward to that! Good luck! Blee
  2. Since when is it a nurse's job to become a border patrol guard? If a sick person comes to my ER seeking medical assistance, they will be seen as outlined by EMTALA. No matter what their circumstances or ability to pay. Medical personnel should not be expected to police their patients, it's a clear conflict of interest and ethically wrong. (And comparing child abuse to crossing a border without proper paperwork is like comparing apples to oranges.)
  3. Blee O'Myacin

    Do you know any nursing school nearby princeton??

    The College of NJ (in nearby Ewing), Mercer County College, Burlington County College, Rutgers University (New Brunswick and Camden have programs), UMDNJ. I don't know what the waiting list is like or if there is one, but check these schools out. Good luck!
  4. Blee O'Myacin

    Afib with RVR

    We tend to treat new onset afib with RVR rather aggressively in the ER (Cardizem bolus with subsequent cardizem drip). If the patient has a history of it, and has been ill (like with a stomach bug), we'll give them a liter or two (providing that CHF isn't an issue as well), and see how their cardiologist wants to proceed. Working dayshift, we have the luxury of attending cardiologists aplenty wandering around...:nuke: Blee
  5. Blee O'Myacin

    BEST trauma shears?

    Hmm.. the free ones from the drug reps always worked for me, and I've never been sad when they fall into the toilet when I forget that I've jammed them into the back waistband of my pants... Maybe your macho trauma shears will have a built in laser sight... that would be sweet.... Blee
  6. Blee O'Myacin

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. However, did you approach this person or did you go straight to the NM? If someone tattled on me without giving me the benefit of a face to face explanation first, I'd be pretty mean too. There are unpleasant people everywhere and you need to develop a thick skin. As a professional, you are expected to resolve interpersonal conflicts yourself without your self-esteem being crushed, or the NM doing the dirty work for you. I've only been a nurse for three years, but I've been a human being and a professional (nursing is a second career for me) for waaaay longer than that. You really have to try and not take things personally. It's hard to do, but you will be much happier in the end. Take care, Blee
  7. Blee O'Myacin

    Rules for the ER (long)

    Angels of mercy, wiping the fevered brow (and behinds) of all that ask for it? All kidding aside, I have nothing but the utmost respect and awe for how quickly ER nurses have to think and act, multitask - all while being harassed by people walking in off the street who have "unmet needs" of all kinds. I think that humor (even of the so-called mean kind) between colleagues in a safe environment (such as an anonymous message board FOR nurses) can help blow off a lot of steam. On the units, we get a lot less foot traffic because the ER nurses have done the weeding for us. We get the ones that are truly in need of a bed - even if they aren't the nicest people. I've gone down to the ER on a few busy weekend nights to help facilitate a transfer of a bone marrow transplant patient or access an infusaport for someone who has never done one and there are five traumas coming in and there is no time to grab a coworker who has done one. The chaos and the noise level at 0300 was staggering and made me thankful for my tiny BMT unit. Thanks to all of you - and I laughed my head off at these. Officer O'Myacin comes home with similar stories of "the hoarde of the great unwashed". Blee