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    I have been reading the forum quite a lot lately... and I'm amazed at the amount of abbreviations some of us tend to use while posting a new thread or responding to one. In all honesty, I dont' know what most of them mean... and I'm a nurse!!! I can't imagine what the students that come to visit go throught...

    So I have one request... can we limit our use of abbreviations? or if we are going to use them at least put the translation between parenthesis?


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    i know what you mean. at first i was like what does dh mean. then i figured it out myself.
    however, i have never seen anyone use dw for dear wife. :d

    sometimes, when i see an abbreviation i don't understand, i just wait for somebody to clarify and ask then
    i get it. i'm too lazy to ask and post it. :wink2:

    anyway, i guess using abbreviations are kind a second nature to nurses.
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    Just a tip--if they are medical abbreviations that you see that don't know, go to for all the stinking acronyms you would ever want to search. I use that site a lot. Otherwise, people are pretty helpful in letting you know what they are saying.
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    I'm with you. I just wait and hope all is clarified in the next reply. Be the way, I learned on another forum a wife is SWMBO ( she who must be obeyed). Somehow I think DW would be better.
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    I agree. Sometimes on this site, it is like a foreign language people are speaking and I will just quit reading the post because it does not make sense. I say let us all speak regular normal people language
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    just like we should limit our medical jargon with patients and their families, it's nice to limit jargon with each other sine we don't all speak the same jargon or initials!
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    Google searches are your friend.
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    I think medical abbreviations are one's when phone text abbreviations are used that i have a problem.:wink2:
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    I'm a nurse also and I didn't even know how to start posting returns ...and some of the abbreviations not the medical ones but the others i just guess. So good luck.
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    I agree. Some of the abbrviations, not medical ones, leave others feeling lost. I love abbreviations. I like the idea of writing them in parenthesis, which takes even more time or starting a little sticky. The sticky can have the most frequenlty used abbreviations on this site and can be updates as needed. Something like "All Nurses Un-Offical Abbreviations". When I first encountered abbreviations I didn't know I went to the abbreviations sticky- but they were all medical. Just one woman's idea.

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