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  1. Complaints You've Heard During Nursing School

    I heard a lot of the same complaints when I was in nursing school. What students need to remember is the instructors are trying to prepare ALL of the students for what is to come after nursing school, not just one individual. When complaining about...
  2. Abbreviations

    I think medical abbreviations are one's when phone text abbreviations are used that i have a problem.:wink2:
  3. How much personal info you do share with a patient?

    I agree, working in a smaller hospital makes it harder not to share some personal information with your patients. The problem that I have is when I run into a previous patient in the grocery store. In general I try to keep it very generic, no names...
  4. When did he become a doctor???

    just an associates degree in business.....he's a genuine scammer
  5. When did he become a doctor???

    I work at a small hospital in the cath lab. We have been up-ramping our interventional procedures with the hospital looking forward to opening up a CVOR. They recently did their first CABG and it was a great success, so of course there was media co...
  6. I'm sure you are but always read the rationale behind the review questions that you are doing. Even if you answer it right, read over the rationale for the right answer and the wrong answers. It will help you reason your way through other questions...
  7. Cherry Chapstick

    One day an order came down from the inpatient unit for an EEG on a 40-something-year-old man. I got my supplies and machine and headed upstairs as the patient's nurse told me that it should be done portable. I arrived at the room to find a pleasant, ...
  8. After cardiac cath

    In my cath lab we use Angioseal and Starclose routinely with bedrest times of 2 hours, HOB elevated to 30-35 degrees with a soft left restraint on affected leg during bedrest. The only time we go longer than 2 hours is if the ACT is high, the patien...
  9. How Do You Do It?

    Yes the memorization can be always helped me to think of all the people that had done it before me.....therefore if they can do it so can I! And remember, you never stop learning.:redbeathe
  10. I have also had this experience and felt the same way. It would be different if they actually had something to contribute but most of the time it seems they are just trying to show off....but in my experience these "know it alls" usually aren't ther...