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Since my first day of duty in the Pediatric unit of the hospital, my colleagues had been telling me about the unusual noise I would probably be hearing during midnight. I did not take it seriously because in the first place, I... Read More

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    Does Rodrigo's car accident have relevance to revealing the truth about the ghost story? I hope not.
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    Thank you for your messages. The relationship between my friend's disclosure about Lolita and the accident is dreadfully unbelievable. Much that I do not like to believe in that primary reason, this supposition is the nearest possible. My friend is an excellent driver and his work-to-home way has been a routine for years. Many of the nurses in the hospital who knew Rodrigo well still could not believe that he will be involved in a car accident.

    By the way, my grandma tells me that once a person often sees spirits/ghosts, it either means that the person was born with that ability, or the ability was opened by some supernatural elements that would cause him to be vulnerable for ghost encounters. I am praying that such ghost encounters would just be part of my past and never would interfere with my life.