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  1. Not sure what to do. Licensed RN working as tech.

    I worked as an ED tech and at one point I was interviewing for ICU jobs and did not get the call back for the first 2 places I interviewed for that I thought I had. I did not like the management at my hospital but was desperate for a job and asked my...
  2. What can nurses do to be more happy in their career?

    Turning the air conditioner to freezing then watching a scary show all by my self with my dog next to myself at midnight snacking on popcorn:cheeky:
  3. Anyone applied for an Internship for Scott & White, June 2012?

    It's a wonderful internship and the staff are amazing. I love working here.
  4. When a patient states "something isnt right..."

    I had a patient with a brain bleed who was still intubated but other wise stable after the bleeding stopped. Her neuro side had improved. In report the nurse told me she had desaturated for no reason down to the 80s but came back up quickly. Then sh...
  5. So...you've had a bad day?

    My worst day was yesterday. My patient came back from IR in the middle of shift report with a emergency lumbar drain only to find there is not one lumbar drain on the unit. Central supply sent the wrong set up and needed to order another one while my...
  6. Anyone applied for an Internship for Scott & White, June 2012?

    Google Scott and White Nursing Internship and in the results there should be a PDF link that will send you to it. I can't open it so I don't know if its running and the website does not have the link or info. I would recomned e-mailing one of the nu...
  7. 8s vs 12s; night shift or day shift?

    Personally I have rotated days and nights on orientation at a level 1 ICU and have to say prefer days for orientations to learn and get a feel for the devices and people however I would say nights is better off of orientation because its slower and a...
  8. Am I being offered a fair pay?

    Austin is BADLY saturated with new grad nurses so it is very hard for people to get jobs here therefore desperate nurses mean less pay. People live in Austin for the beauty not the pay/traffic. Seton Brackenridge pays the most and offers most opport...
  9. Common nicknames for hospital items.

    The fish bowl= Admissions The hole= Triage Bucky= our doctor Code Shakespeare= Drama Code Charlie (Sheen)= Cray person on premises Big Bertha= Big Bed Side Commode
  10. I did not tell my employer because I would not have gotten the job with it. I was not in TPAPN. Did not know what if any restrictions I would have. I wouldn't really have any information to share with them really because it had not happened. You need...
  11. Yes I am working. In Texas you have 30 days to apply for the TPAPN stuff. I would get started on it as soon as you pass and get everything in and talk to the intake coordinator directly so she can help you get everything. I'm waiting to get a case ma...
  12. Obamacare, what could go wrong?

    We have gone on to many years complaining about health care to the government. SOMETHING needed to change and I give OBAMA props for having the guts to finally do that SOMETHING. NOTHING is perfect but this is a start. We cannot keep living this way....
  13. Volunteering at a hospital worth it?

    I personally wouldn't have quit. I worked as an ED volunteer for 1.5 years and I cleaned rooms, made paper charts, did copies, run stuff to the labs. A lot of times there was not much for me to do however I worked hard and always asked if anyone need...
  14. I graduated school in May and am taking the NCLEX in a couple days. I have accepted a position at a level 1 trauma-surgical ICU to start next Monday. The first week is hospital orientation and I live in Texas. I have been ordered to enter TPAPN which...
  15. Volunteering at a hospital worth it?

    I was a volunteer at my hospital during pre reqs for nursing school for 1.5 years. I did not do much just cleaning rooms, stocking and stuff but I did form networks and worked hard always asking to help. I was able to see codes and stuff. When I got...