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Does anyone know if I will be able to practice while waiting to enter TPAPN

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I graduated school in May and am taking the NCLEX in a couple days. I have accepted a position at a level 1 trauma-surgical ICU to start next Monday. The first week is hospital orientation and I live in Texas.

I have been ordered to enter TPAPN which is a peer review thing. On my eligibility questions I had to answer yes to "have you ever been treated/diagnosed with BPP/BP." I was diagnosed that when I was 18 at college and could not sleep. My father has sexually abused me and I could not sleep. I decided to get help and my counselor at the time refereed me to a psychiatrist for meds to help me sleep. Long story short he said I was depressed. I wasn't depressed I just couldn't sleep. I was academic honor role and ran division 1 track and functioned fine. He put me on antidepressants and it made me suicidal. I tried to commit suicide and was dx with the BPP/BP. Finally I found a doctor who took me off of all the meds and I got counseling. I was able to return back to my normal self and got a job as an ED tech and started/finished nursing school with no problems. Everyone I know will tell you I'm not BP/BPP and have docs, nurses, co workers and SW who back me.

BON in taxes has ordered me to join TPAPN which can put restrictions on my license. Some which can make me loose my dream job because I wont be able to function in my jpb description. I do not know what if any I'll have.

I am not eligible for the GN license but If I pass the NCLEX in a couple days I will have my license to be able to start hands on patient care which is needed. The first week is orientation and BON said i can verify my license 10 business days after passing. I'm worried that If I pass I will have a hold on my license until I am accepted into TPAPN and have whatever they want on my license. That can take weeks. If that happens Ill loose my job. As a new TPAPN and new grad nurse I wont find a job.

I'm in the process of finally pressing charges against my dad and I have come so far the last 15 years. Its also my 24th birthday the day I take my NCLEX. This has been worrying me all week long and I have been trying to get answers.

Does anyone know if I will be able to practice under my license while waiting to enter TPAPN or am I going to have to give up my dream? Thank you

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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Wow....you have a ton on your plate. I have no advice on how to deal with the Texas board.....but I can say you are survivor and I wish you the very best.:hug:

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

Has 40 years experience. Specializes in Critical Care, ED, Cath lab, CTPAC,Trauma.


Did u ever find anything out. I am in the same situation. Waiting to take nclex but have to join tpapn. We're u allowed to work once you had your liscence

Jackfackmasta, ASN, RN

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Yes I am working. In Texas you have 30 days to apply for the TPAPN stuff. I would get started on it as soon as you pass and get everything in and talk to the intake coordinator directly so she can help you get everything.

I'm waiting to get a case manager then there will come the restrictions if any.

You will however have to tell your employee once you get your license because they can pull it up and see it. I was straight up honest with everyone and was surprised that they were willing to work with me. They liked the fact I was honest ahead of time before they found out because people don't like not being told something like that. I cried because I thought I would loose my job but they were okay with it.

I do have a very hard time getting into some ADN-BSN programs. I was blessed to find one that will accept me but some like Texas tech which is 100% online will deny you entrance. If you want to further your nursing education make sure you contact the program first to find out before you waste money applying. I was frsutrated but am happy for the program I'm going to apply for fall now because its a wonderful well respected program.

the big thing is just be honest about whatever situation you're in.

So I have an interview Friday do I just tell them that once I get my liscence I have to be on tpapn? If they hire me can I work prior to starting tpapn or do I have to wait for the ok from a case manager

Jackfackmasta, ASN, RN

Specializes in Adult ICU.

I did not tell my employer because I would not have gotten the job with it. I was not in TPAPN. Did not know what if any restrictions I would have. I wouldn't really have any information to share with them really because it had not happened. You need your RN license before you apply.

I got my license as soon as possible before the start of the internship so I had a license to practice under since I was not eligible for GN. You cannot practice without a license and once you get it they will see it on the BON. So I took my license and told them the 1st day of orientation as we handed in our license copies.

I can only speak for my self. The BON can do whatever. If they want to put a hold on your license they can if they feel you are not safe to practice. I don't know what your situation is but they just want you safe to practice.

Once you have an employer and are on TPAPN you have to tell them and sign a release form for communication.

I told the intake coordinator I had a job. She knows and is working to get me into TPAPN. It is also up to your employer how they feel about you working. Mine did not have a problem.

Liddle Noodnik

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Jack thanks for being willing to talk about your experience!

I turned in my evaluation and they said after they look at it they will determine whether I can start working before accepted into tpapn. They said I couldn't work even with a liscence till they go over the eval. So hopefully by the time I get to take nclex they will have made a desicion. I called them to make sure and thankfully I did cause I would have got in trouble even if I had a liscence number cause it's all there desicions. Thank u for ur help


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