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How do you say / write your level of orientation? This is one of those things that's been on my mind... and the dictionaries appear to be OK with either. Oriented or orientated? Reoriented or... Read More

  1. by   greenbeanio
    Quote from sharrie
    As a Brit this post made me giggle a little

    As R/N writer so beautifully posted earlier in the UK and many other countries orientated is the correct word, I have never heard oriented used here and it would sound so very very wrong to me, ...

    So although it's not used in your country or region does not mean that it is incorrect.
    Oops! Duly humbled! Thanks, Sharrie, and glad you chose to giggle instead of get annoyed!
  2. by   BluegrassRN
    Quote from cherrybreeze
    It's a little O/T, but I think this is kind of crappy. He may not "like" the word, but if it IS used correctly, how can he "count it as wrong?" That's unfair to his students, to not know how or why something would be marked "wrong" that isn't. IMO.
    It's technically correct to write an essay of three-word sentences (noun-verb-adjective), with the 5 paragraph format of "tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them the info in three paragraphs, and tell them what you told them" grade school format, but stylistically it is lacking. He would not be grading on the basics of a language, but rather on style and nuance.

    However, this is moot, as it was merely conjecture. He does not teach the English language, and there will be no grading on orient vs orientate.

    Completely off-topic and irrelevant to the thread, of course. My apologies.
  3. by   emlorraineRN
    Hi, another Brit here! We never ever use the "oriented" version (we'd get some funny looks if we did!). Always "the patient was alert and orientated", or "we orientated the patient to the ward" etc.

    Similarly, we used to get ripped to pieces by our lecturer if we dared use American English spellings such as "color", "favorite" etc. She used to boom at us "We are not in America"!!!!!!! When in Rome.....