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hello everyone, i am currently in a 22 month rn program that is ending in december:up:. i currently work on a general surgery unit and several nurses i work with have been asking me if i started to apply for a nursing job yet.... Read More

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    As someone who has just graduated and has yet to test, I am finding that when I am applying to jobs online, if I don't have my liscense number to plug in to their online application then my application automatically gets rejected. The hospitals at least in my area do not accept paper applications in the HR departmetn. I think that once I am liscensed I will have to sit outside the recruiters office and stalk them so I can get a chance.
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    Yes, start applying now, the sooner the better, and just don't stop at that. You have to stand out among the other 200-300 other applicants that are probably applying as well. Call your recruiter to follow up on your application, do what you must do to 'stand out' among the crowd.

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