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A hospital in my region recently announced all staff will be transitioning to 8 hour shifts over the next year, 12 hour shifts will no longer be available. The word from my Hospital and others in the area is that they plan on... Read More

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    One of the reasons I first started thinking about nursing was for the 12s. I'm done with the 5-6 day work weeks, no thank you! My hospital might have some 8 hour shifts in the float pool, and places like outpatient surgery, but that's it as far as I know.

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    Kill me. If we are ever forced to go back to 8hr shifts. Just do it.

    A primary reason I chose nursing was because of the lifestyle. I can enjoy my family and hobbies 4 days every week, instead of being beat down and exhausted 5, leaving me two short days to squeeze life into.

    Really: if they go back to 8s, this is one nurse who will find a new career. And for the "older nurses" who've stated that 8s are easier on them; that they're too fatigued to pull the 12? I say find a new area of nursing that will allow that, instead of trying to use your mass to create a change that affects all. I know of countless RNs who'd love your 12-hour shift and who would bring good energy to their job because of the balance they're able to find with that schedule.
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    My last 3 jobs prior to my present job all started out as 8 hrs, followed fairly quickly by 12 hr shifts. I would work 2 12's, have a day off, work 1 12, then have 3days off, repeat.
    I HATED working 5 8-hr days!!!!
    That being said, my current job is 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. BUT I tele-commute from home. THAT I can handle!!!
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    I work 12's. One of the hospitals I inteviewed at had both 12 and 8 hour shifts and the older more senior nurses do 7am-3pm and refused to go to 12 hour shifts. The nurse manager told me they are often short from 3pm-7pm.She said they had plenty that wanted 7-3 and the night shift all does 12hour shifts. So the poor day nurses that actually do 7-7 get a few more patients dumped on them from 3-7 most days and that made it harder to keep to nurses on 12 hour shifts. She said she was hiring prns to cover that, but was having a hard time finding prns that only want 4 hour shifts. Seems like it would be easier to just force everyone to 12's and replace the few that quit rather than constantly making everyone else work short and begging prns to come cover. In my opinon that is poor management letting the inmates run the asylum. Either go with the 12's or don't. don't do some and leave everyone short. Anyway, I did not take that job obviously!
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    Karosnowqueen-What do you do?
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    Doubtful. I work two 16hr days.. Its nice because I'm in school. . Lets hope it stays this way until I'm out of

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