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12 hour shift - page 4

I was wondering how everyone feels about12 hour shifts. Is it safe to work that long of a shift?... Read More

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    Quote from proud nurse
    I cannot stand 12 hour shifts. I don't even like the concept of having someone work 3 12's in a row. What else do you have time for? When I worked that schedule, I was good for absolutely nothing other than to work then sleep.

    I find 8 hour shifts much more doable. I agree you have to come to work more often but IMO and in my case I am able to provide better and safer care.
    I tend work 3-5 12's in a row. Which means I get 5-7 days off in a row.

    But lately I'm working more with most being overtime as we have a huge nursing shortage. Makes saving for a house easier.
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    No way. If you work nights it will kick your ass and make you sick. If you like taking up to 9-11 sick patients overnight then maybe it's your thing. Days will seriously kill you if you're working a crazy busy medical unit. Too much to do and workers are stressed so they take out their insecurities and exhaustion on you. Just sayin...
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    I hate 12 hour shifts. You have to get there early and you never leave on time. I get a lunch break about 30 percent of the time but when I do I am constantly interrupted by the phone fr call lights. I would do 4 eight hour shifts in a heartbeat if they were available.
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    I love my 12s. I only have to go to work 12 days a month.
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    Cafeteria? Working 12 hour night shifts it's closed when I get there, closed when I leave. After working here for a year, I've yet to eat in the the cafeteria.
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    I used to think I would hate 12's...but I sure do love only having to go to work three days a week!
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    i think it's safe. If you like it is a personal preference. I love it. I love having four days off a week. Or I love that I can work OT and still have 3 days off a week. I have been a nurse three years on the floor in several different facilities and always get out on time. My shifts don't become 14 hour shifts. I don't fall asleep driving home, days or nights. I may be tired but I would be if I went to work 5 days a week too. I think, if you hate 12's, find a floor or facility that does 8s.
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    same thing happens on an 8hr shift only shorter. At least on a 12 hour shift there i light at the end of the tunnel. IF I work 4 12 hour shift in a row, I know I get rewarded 4-6 days off, which is awesome.

    8 hours shift feels like you will be working for a month straight and not get a day off
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    I had a 9-5 M-F job prior to going in to nursing and it was EXHAUSTING. Those extra hours I had in the evenings? I spent vegging out because it wore me down so much. My Sundays I spent mourning the fact that my weekend was almost over. If I needed to make a doctor's appointment, I had to get permission to take a few hours out from work to go. I couldn't adjust my schedule to make my vacations longer than the absolute amount of PTO I had.

    The prospect of a 3 day workweek was something I really looked forward to in nursing. Now I'm working a weekend program and work a TWO day workweek but get paid like I'm working a 3 day workweek. That's 5 days off every week. Two days of PTO gets me a 12 day chunk of time. I'd never go back to working 8 hour shifts unless I truly did not need to work FT.
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    Quote from bradons
    Love my 12 hour shifts.

    Like the time off during the week and on weekends.

    Would never go to 8 hr shifts.
    I know your "never" may not be literal, but what would be your position if strong evidence showed that 12 hour shifts put patients at significantly more risk of harm from nursing mistakes?
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    Quote from rngolfer53
    I know your "never" may not be literal, but what would be your position if strong evidence showed that 12 hour shifts put patients at significantly more risk of harm from nursing mistakes?
    A few of my classmates did a lit review in nursing school on 8 hr vs 12 hour shifts and the studies they reviewed didn't strongly support 8 OR 12 hour shifts as safer. 16 hour shifts came out as routinely unsafe but 8 and 12 hour shifts seemed pretty balanced as each had benefits.
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    I love 12s. I work 14 days(well nights)a month I have more time to spend with my children(compared to my fiancee who works 8s). If I choose to work an ot shift I'm still only working 15 times a month. LOVE. IT.
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    Quote from rngolfer53
    I know your "never" may not be literal, but what would be your position if strong evidence showed that 12 hour shifts put patients at significantly more risk of harm from nursing mistakes?
    The evidence doesn't actually show a higher rate of Nursing mistakes in 12 hours shifts. There is the often cited study by Ann Rogers that claimed a "three-fold" increase in errors for those that work 12-hour shifts. The problem is that Ann Rogers wasn't paying attention during her statistics classes. This claim was based on a "per-shift" error rate, however a 12-hour shift is of course longer than an 8 hour shift. If you consider that a typical 24 hour day has 100 opportunities to make an error, then a 12-hour shift contains 50 opportunities while an 8-hour shift only contains 33.3. So if you look at her data based on a comparable measure of time, per hour, then she actually found a higher rate of errors with 8 hour shifts with nearly twice the error rate in 8 hours shifts.
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