G-tube-How to stop it from unplugging itself

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    I attach the feeding line to the G-tube after I have flushed it and it is flushing well. I go back to check it 1 hour later and the feeding line is no longer attached to the G-tube and the formula has leaked all over the resident's bed. Why does the feeding line keep separating itself from the G-tube? What to do? Help!!!

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    1) make sure that the male and female ends are designed to go together.
    2) Make sure the female end is not stretched out, maybe they need a tube replacement?
    3) is there back pressure from the gut, pushing it out?
    4) are the patients being repositioned carelessly?
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    Most of the time, it's #3 (gas/bloating)
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    Could the resident have pulled it out?
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    I'm not sure what is going on. Some wonder if she might be pulling it apart herself. I am thinking it may indeed be gas/bloating. So if she is having gas/bloating would it be best to just shut if off for 2 hours and then try again? Or what else should I try? Thanks to all.
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    I'll bet you anything it's one of those d@mned silicone tubes. They are the WORST. I've wrapped tape around the connection to keep it from coming apart. Works about 50% of the time.
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    The connection may be wearing out or maybe the two ends were not meant to go together. Or the person is pulling it out.
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    Oooooo....I get to tell you my pretty much never-ever fail method to keep the tube from disconnecting!!!!

    First, make sure that morte's recommendations are implemented. Then if all else fails....

    ...get an alcohol prep and wipe the male end of the feeding tube setup. Make sure it dries .

    ...get another alcohol prep and super-duper, very carefully use the edge of it to wipe the female end of the GT for any drippings. Squeeze the end to help milk out drippings, if nec. DO NOT INSERT IT INTO THE GT. Let it dry completely also.

    ...connect your ends.

    I figure you've just de-greased the ends of your connections. Enteral formula contains some lipids so I believe the ends of the connection become GREASY and need de-degreasing. If that was the problem, you'll feel the difference as you reconnect - no slipperiness.

    Again, DO NOT INSERT THE PREP INTO THE GT!!!!!! You don't want to accidently get the prep stuck in the GT.

    This really works for me!
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    Wow! I've never heard of using alcohol wipes to de-grease the ends of the connections. Sounds good. I will definitely have to give it a try. Thanks to all for your help.
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    To OP - It really, really works!!! Just don't stick a prep into the GT end - heaven forbid it gets stuck in the tubing!!! It's like it just needs to be cleansed/degreased. Once in a blue moon, there may be something else as others mentioned, but this works for me.

    I then just leave the tube easily visible with a towel/pad under it as I don't want the CNAs to do the bed again. I always feel guilty for them when it leaks!

    Now for my consultation fee...
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