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    Ok I got confirmation thru SOAR that we get the lab kit info at orientation & to just find a CPR class thru the American <3 Assoc.

    I noticed that it mentions that we have to take an evaluation HESI...did anyone that went to the info session recall being told that they were no longer using the HESI? I have it written in my notes but maybe I misunderstood?

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    I don't remember them saying anything about the HESI really... but I could be wrong.

    I did my CPR/AED class thru Chesapeake AED Services if anyone is looking for a class in Tampa. Here is the website:

    **Does anyone else think its kind of weird that one of our clinical sites is in Sarasota? That is so far... especially in traffic!
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    I'm already CPR certified. Just make sure your intent to enroll form, and your online background check is ordered.
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    You will take HESI first week of class. If you score below something(I forgot what it was) you will take some workshops. I had to do it lol.
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    I just found out that we will be taking the HESI at match day. Bleh. Guess I'll start brushing up on my A&P now lol

    Background check & Intent letter are completed. Getting student ID on Monday & CPR class on Tuesday. I started my immunizations a few weeks ago so I'll swing by my doc's office for my 2nd varicella & meningitis & have her sign my forms.

    @natty - yeah I saw that & praying that I don't get stuck there. What about the St Joe's / S FL Baptist in Plant City...if we select this does that mean that we would split clinicals at both locations?
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    Correction...HESI will be on the 20th, NOT on match day. *whew*
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    CPR class April 19th (I have my receipt to turn in on match day)

    Immunizations Monday

    Intent letter and background DONE

    Transfer orientation April 29th

    Haven't figured out how to get my student ID before match day....guess I'll be heading to Tampa in the next couple of days
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    CPR class April 6th

    Immunizations Completed

    Intent letter and background DONE!!!!!!!!

    Transfer orientation April 29th

    Got my student ID yesterday


    I can't wait to meet you all on match day :-)
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    I can't wait to meet you all!!!! Kristy did you already do orientation? NRHopeful1 I will see you at orientation!!! I am so excited
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    Cant wait :-)

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