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I have been looking to see if there are any threads about this already so I apologize if this is a double post! Anyone apply for spring 2012 at St Petersburg College?... Read More

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    Congrats!!! What was ur gpa? Dd u have all ur pre Reqs?

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    Hello. I am new to this forum. If things will go well I will submit my application for the fall. I am taking SPC class this spring and this will be the last pre req. Hoping to get in with GPA of 3.8 Anyone else shooting for this fall?
    Thank you and good luck.
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    I'm applying for the SPC bridge this fall as well. moksiu77 what are you taking this spring Micro?
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    Actually I am taking Public Speaking (SPC). Class will end on 05/03 and application window will close on 05/15. That should give me just enough time.

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