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I know there is another thread about online bridge programs, but there are 48 pages and I need specifically Florida programs because I have Bright Future's. If anyone could suggest some for me, that would be great! I know about... Read More

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    Quote from misswhitney
    I know UCF, you go there once a month. My friend is doing it, and I live in Northeast Florida, so it would be easy for me to go to Orlando once a month.

    wow! once a month! I could never be able to manage that, I am 5 hours away from orlando--- but I guess they would include a fun family trip to disney If I were to go.:redpinkhe
    >30yrsRN and

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    Ahh I am going to make a day trip out of it and go to all the malls. lol I looove going to the Tiffany store and looking at all the things I will never be able to afford.
    >30yrsRN and
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    Do you have clinicals in RN-to BSN program? I thought it is just a number of theoretical classes. I am looking at Tampa bay and Orlando schools (my first choice is SPC). How hard is it to get into the program?
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    Valencia Community College and Seminole Community College do NOT offer RN to BSN programs...most cc's don't.
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    Miami Dade College, was a 2 year college so if you had 75% bright futures you get 100% and books too i think
    BCC, i don't know but I think Keiser college also
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    Miami Dade College offers an RN-BSN program but it is not online

    Broward College will have an RN-BSN program soon but it is not offered yet.

    Keiser Univesity has an RN-BSN too....

    but why consider former community colleges such as miami dade, when you could easily go to a state university?
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    Quote from ZooMommyRN
    USF in Tampa and FGCU in Ft Myers both have online RN-BSN, RN-MSN with the bridge option and BSN-MSN, I'm looking at USF most likely.
    FGCU will no longer be offering the bridge program
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    I had heard they had some issues with people completing the bridge and being successful with the NP portion and becoming licensed vs. the MSN-NP track, maybe the bridge was more hassle than it was worth for them. I know my ex-sil dropped out of the RN-MSN bridge twice for ridiculous reasons. Maybe that's why my former program directed tried to steer us all towards anyone other than FGCU?
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    Florida Hospital College's RN to BSN is totally online- you don't ever have to visit Orlando (unless you want to visit Mickey, of coarse! ):

    As long as you have your RN, its not that hard to get in. Here is their admissions info: http://onlinenursing.fhchs.edu/online-rn-bsn/
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    Also Manatee CC is going to be starting a RN to BSN but I do not know if it will be online yet

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