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  1. RN's and the Cult Mentality

    I still like this article and IMO it is refresshing to see somr of us are awake to reality of society we choice to live in. Nursing like any other field has it pros and cons, Since I been a RN, I seen nursing change for the better or I would of left...
  2. 1/2 nursing class cut, WHY??

    Yes in community colleges I saw this happen even back when I was in a CC we started out with 214 and 222 had sign up for the Nursing program. Then only 77 graduated and 2 did not past the state boards the first time, One of the two never ending up pa...
  3. GRX Medical CD-29 scope vs. Littman Classic II SE Scope

    I did not know that the Cardiology II. will be not be manufacture any more. I going to buy the Littman Cardiology II. I had about 5 of them in the past, some I worn out and some walk . I will buy one ASAP online amazon, I loved it, I am purchasi...
  4. Drexel RN to BSN..Anyone?

    I hope to be joining you in the Fall 2011
  5. Accelerated Masters Program for NICU

    Also see Vicki RN a staff members Post they are excellant!
  6. 'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

  7. 'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    She was referring to another thread with the starbuck example.I Not this one that what made me writer that I thought it was this thread
  8. Accelerated Masters Program for NICU

    Maybe you should apply to DO college Also the VA Hospitals would hire you in research, just a Thought. If you really want to be a ARNP and work in NICU go for it. You have the proven your talents already. GB Go to the Degree area section Blog, there...
  9. Anyone Enrolled in Jacksonville U for Spring1????

    No it not spam. Is this a blog or craiglist.org? just kidding I was interested on how you are paying for this BSN Degree? The info might be helpful to me or others.TK
  10. 'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    Not a hat person You are now about to recieve a lot of feedback :)
  11. Confused about schools - which route to take?

    Also look at the Degree tab for blogs for BS accelerated MSN program there is a lot of info posted there and simular questions from others with a BS degrees
  12. Anyone Enrolled in Jacksonville U for Spring1????

    No I am not, may I ask a personnel question How are you paying for this Education?
  13. Relocating-and takin' my license with me!

    A lot of travelers RN do this to in CA also.
  14. 'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    I hope you do not think I am uncaring and burnout. If you read my other replies on other blogs you will see I wrote about the father and his son in England article and it turn out just like I thought it would. The Truth will set you free.:) Also ab...
  15. 'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    There are a lot of uninsured people that are legal and illegal in this country. We have the Senate and Congress working on getting health care laws changed There are a lot of hospital that had to close down in LA,CA that were nonprofit and treated ...