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  1. black_butterfly

    Florida Online RN-BSN programs

    Valencia Community College and Seminole Community College do NOT offer RN to BSN programs...most cc's don't.
  2. black_butterfly

    Can't get a job as new RN

    Thanks, I applied anyway. I like the Mayo Clinic...looks like they started in in January, though, and the next one isn't until April I think. :uhoh21:
  3. black_butterfly

    Saint Petersburg College Student NeedsTutor Quickly

    wish i could help you but i'm not in st. petersburg...if you aren't fully understanding a section of material, i found the best thing for me was to read it from different sources. i would go to the bookstore and read and take notes on the nclex review books on the sections i was having trouble with (there are even entire books based on ekg's and advanced cardiac care) then answer the review questions in the book. good luck on your test! also, i found this site helpful for learning ekg's: http://www.skillstat.com/ecg_sim_demo.html
  4. black_butterfly

    Can't get a job as new RN

    Thanks for all the responses. I have looked at *every* hospital within an hours drive of me with no luck. And I have also been open to any floor and any shift, any days. Still no luck. I will take Codeda's advice and expand my search. I still think it's crazy that it would be so hard to find a job in Orlando. Renee ~ At FL Hospital, if you haven't been an RN working in the hospital for at least a year, they don't even want you to apply to the "RN" positions listed on the website, they only hire new graduates in certain months into their programs and I applied for the opening in Feb back in October and wasn't accepted because they said it was full already. There are currently no GN positions listed. Orlando Health has been on a hiring freeze and there are exactly zero positions available right for a GN. Guess I picked the wrong time to join the nursing field. FLMomof5 ~ all the RN positions listed at St. Vincents say you need experience. Am I looking in the wrong spot?
  5. black_butterfly

    Can't get a job as new RN

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me...I'm a brand new RN in Orlando, FL and I've been looking for a hospital job for the last 5 months with no luck. Every job opening I see requires you to have at least 1 year of hospital experience but no one will hire me. I've applied to about 200 jobs and nothing....every recruiter/HR dept tells me it is because I don't have experience. Anyone else around here going through this??
  6. black_butterfly


    I'm in the exact same boat as you....except I've probably applied for close to 200 jobs and I've been looking for 5 months. It doesn't help that they plaster all over the news how nurses are so in demand right now...no one believes me when I tell them I can't get hired anywhere. Every job posting, HR dept, recruiter tells me the SAME thing, that I need at least one year of hospital experience before they will consider me...:angryfire