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For nursing students like myself, I thought it would be helpful and intersting to see what type of salary is out there for graduating nursing students for different area's. Looking around the site, I see different salary threads,... Read More

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    Central Ohio here... New grad...21.65/hr +3.25 for nights +2.50 for weekends.

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    RN, BSN, new grad
    Central California, hospital
    +$3 night
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    New grad ADN
    3.25/hr nights
    3.00/hr weekends
    Central Washington, hospital
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    My first job out of school was $21 an hour at a non profit community mental health agency serving low income clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses. M-F 9-5, no holidays, 8hrs PTO per pay, 401K, okay insurance. My job now (left the first job after 9 mos) 22.83 + 4 hr diff on evenings, 7 hr diff on nights (which I never work), 401K plus matching, better and cheaper insurance, 10 hrs PTO. Private psych hospital. Both in MD. I am a RN ADN.
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    New BSN grad in May 2012. Medical oncology in Missouri.

    Base $17.75/hr + $1 BSN differential + $3 night shift diff
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    New Grad, RN, NSN
    Central Valley, CA

    per-diem (working FT hrs)
    $43.75/hr base pay for first 8 hrs
    Time & a half for anything over 8 (I work 12s)
    $1.50 mid shift differential
    $3.00 night shift differential

    Overall, I average about $51/hr without benes
    I've got health insurance through my husband & like the freedom of essentially picking my own schedule - so Per Diem has worked well for me!
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    New grad ADN Columbus, Ohio. Community health psych nurse, $55k plus $.565 mileage. Mon-Fri 8 to 5, no weekends and I get paid holidays.
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    I am in HOU TX.

    - level 1 trauma hospital, nights = $30/h + $1.00 weekend diff.
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    2013 BSN Hospital 29.00 in CT
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    May 2013
    Southern Ca
    BSN prepared both New Grad positions

    OC Hospital
    Base: $30.50 for first 8 hrs; $45.00 last 4 hrs
    Night: +$3.50
    BSN: +.50 cents

    LA Hospital
    Base: $32. 80
    Night: +$7.00

    Both offer benefits, no weekend diff, holiday pay time and a half

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