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I apologize for contributing to the seemingly endless amount of threads that focus on drug test concerns. I would have voiced my concerns elsewhere if I knew it would not be lost in the vast sea of... Read More

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    Remember the first rule of prescriptions that you learned about in nursing school:


    Here is what you need to know about drug testing facilities:

    1. They will NEVER call you "first" with the results. The drug testing company is hired for and paid for by the facility, not you, therefore, they report directly to the facility.

    2. The drug testing company does not make hiring decisions, they only report what is in the screen. the INTERPRETATION and protocol, is left up to the facility.

    3. I have never EVER been asked for a list of medications prior to a drug screen.

    You are also forgetting that you have the right to be treated and stopping your medication for a few days to pass a pre-employment drug screen doesn't completely solve your problem. Almost every facility that does pre-employment drug screening also does RANDOM testing of their employees. You can never plan for those.

    There is no such thing as 'failing' a drug screen. Drug screens show positives and amounts, not passes and fails.

    You also have the legal right to be treated for a valid condition, ASSUMING that medication doesn't interfere with the safety of your job.

    You are also not the only person on the planet that is trying to get a job at a hospital that is on medication that will show up on a drug screen.

    What typically happens is that you'll be asked to produce the is that simple. You can either bring in the bottle or a print-out from the pharmacy. YOU NEVER VOLUNTEER. They will verify the medication and how it is ordered and the amount that is in your system is in accordance with the prescribed amount...there is a ton of wiggle room because everyone metabolizes drugs differently. But I can assure you that blowing through a bottle of 30 Loritabs in two days that is prescribed to you, is not going to fly either. You see the difference.

    Just give it time, they'll contact you. Never sweat drug tests when you haven't done anything wrong. I have been prescribed things that showed up on drug tests before, not once did I ever worry about it.
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    Why are there so many posts about this? Are they teaching you in nursing school that prescription meds, taken as prescribed are going to keep you from getting a job? That is just nonsense! Didn't you have to take a drug screen for school? No one would expect you to stop taking medication prescribed by your physician just to "pass" a drug test, and then of course continue taking the medication while you're working. Why is everyone so paranoid about this? If you aren't taking anything that wasn't given by a physician then the results will be "pass'. If you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about!
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    Wow. You cleared up most of my concerns in the minute it took me to read your post. Thank you! I suppose I am overreacting and assuming the worst. You helped ease my anxiety level ...If only you could give me some patience!
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    I liked the "play by play" those that dont wanna read it all, dont have to! You will be fine! They will ask why you are taking it, you will tell them you have a Rx and be fine! For future reference, I would talk to the drug screeners and tell me and ask what you need to do. Breathe! You will be ok!
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    Aw, thank you! Kind words of encouragement seem to make me feel better. I have faith that everything will work out eventually. I hope sooner rather than later because I'm probably developing an ulcer from the stress! At least I now know what to expect and how to handle it better if there is ever a next time.
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    Drug tests test for both legal and illegal drugs. In the case of legal prescribed drugs (opioid narcotics, benzodiazapines, amphetamines), they test for higher than therapeutic levels. If you take your Adderal as prescribed, you will have a therapeutic level in your system, and it shouldn't cause any trouble.

    When I got the job I have now, I was on prescription pain medication for an injury. I had taken some the day before my drug test. I asked the lab tech if they needed a list, and she explained to me why she didn't. I apparently tested with an appropriate amount of the drug in my system, and have a job.
    You'll be fine.
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    I thought your post was great. You have a knack for writing. Don't let people discourage that.

    As for your concerns, Jory nailed it.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Agreed with the previous posts. I liked your story! Very entertaining Some people are so cranky.
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    Maybe you're a novelist disguised as a new nurse. Hope your charting is far shorter and to the point than your first post

    Welcome to Allnurses!
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    1. You can't undo anything at this point, so try not to worry about it.

    2. If you have a valid prescription in your name AND you are taking the medication as prescribed, 99% of the time you will be fine. Provide the script when requested.

    3. It was far better that you took the test when offered instead of deferring: most facilities will consider a refusal to test an automatic dirty test and act accordingly. If they didn't, IMO, it wouldn't have done you any favors to tell them, "sorry, but I can't take the drug test today" because then they'd start wondering why you couldn't...

    4. Always be prepared to provide what medications--prescription as well as OTC and herbals--that you are taking or have recently taken. Just because people tell you they have never ever been asked to provide a list of medications prior to testing doesn't mean that NO ONE ever asks. I've had tests where I was told to list all medications when filling out the paperwork, and tests where I'm handed the cup and shown the bathroom before I can say a word. Employers vary as to their policies, and if you want the job you follow the policy. The rest of Jory's advice is spot on, though

    Best of luck.
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