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I am a new RN. I am also a 46 year old man. I graduated in May, passed NCLEX and started work in July. I started in a new nurse bridge program that was basic but nice and informative. I worked in several units before ending... Read More

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    What is "cowtoe?"

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    Every place has some people nastier than others.

    You are new to the profession and to your place of employment. You won't have the answers to everything but you can learn. If you don't know why the nurse felt she needed to know a piece of information you did not have--ASK. As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions.

    Also, don' think you will at one point know all you need to know. That never happens in nursing. Things change all the time. Its all a learning experience.
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    As a 46 year old, I assume you have some other work experience. Weren't people mean then? as someone about 1/2 your age that has been my experience in every aspect of life and jobs. 2/3s nice is good! many people are mean. sometimes it is personal sometimes it is not. some new nurses are defensive and interpret everything as an attack because of their insecurities or lack of knowledge. It probably has nothing to do with you being a man...... i know plenty of these people and they treat most people the same way.
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    just now read some replies. i worked in offices, clubs, retail and restaurants. there were some aggresive people in all of them. but not knowing tuesday's soup of the day would probably make someone less defensive then not knowing why a pt was on a certain med. just saying..... also as you go along you will see the weaknesses in others. use them to your advantage.
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    I'm sorry you had to experience with so many of us had to experience as new nurses. Like others said, it will always be that one nurse whose pleasure is someone else's pain.

    Hang in there! This is such a shame. When new nurses work in this kind of environment we are more prone to mistakes and quitting. This cycle seems as though it will never end.
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    Quote from That Guy
    No offense but you are 46, shouldnt you have come across this before in another line of work or with friends/family? Dealing with less than pleasant people is sadly a day to day thing it seems like.
    This is EXACTLY what I have a problem a with. It should not matter if the OP is my age (23) or twice my age. The point is he is not dealing with family/friends, machines, fast food, or any other retail job; he is dealing with people and patients who lives are in his hands.

    Let me tell you from experience. When a seasoned nurse makes you feel like an idiot you become one. You start to loose your confidence, you start to have increased anxiety, you second guess everything you do.

    I understand that no one has power over you and etc. however, lets face it when you constantly hear these things it will affect you.
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    Plain and simple. Some people suck and some don't.
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    Some people have bad days, and it causes them to suck, Lol!

    Some Nurses go home to situations beyond your belief, as for CNAs, PCTs, MDs, LPNs, and so on. I know that's no excuse to lash out, but as long as I didn't give them an excuse to act that way, I knock the dirt off my shoes and go home. If it happens during report, no matter how bad I want to throw them from the window (defenestration), I say authentically and nicely as I can, thanks for your patience- it really makes them think- you can't fight undeserved kindness. I'm not a prize pig all the time myself, but I am never a bear
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Some people have bad days, and it causes them to suck, Lol! ....I say authentically and nicely as I can, thanks for your patience- it really makes them think- you can't fight undeserved kindness. I'm not a prize pig all the time myself, but I am never a bear
    What a wonderful quote!! I did wish to note one other thing to think about: management holding employees accountable for the environment they help shape.
    In all of my years, I've only had to write one person up for this kind of BS, put them on performance plans, and let them go when they continued to pull the same crap. I also had a bitter subordinate who undermined me, got her group together against me, it affected others around her and she received complaints. Wrote her up too. Told her if it continued, she'd get write up #2, #3, and be out of there.
    OnlyByHisGraceRN said it well above.Thank goodness we didn't have patients under our care, but people who've never been in that situation don't know what it's like, so it's not really a parallel you can draw.
    Bottom line: Zero tolerance for creating a hostile/crappy work environment. It's my commitment, and after all the BS I've seen this past year, and read on these boards, it's my mission.
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    I'm not used to working with people who can't handle themselves by the time they are adults, when they have a bad day.

    I agree with the earlier poster about this. I've worked in some of the most competitive industries and frankly you might be jousting with someone on a pretty intense level but if you and that person came up on the nurse in question, it would be agreed that that person would be excluded and stepped over for frank immaturity. You want to lose respect? Act like a child (like the bully nurse) in the business world - you're out.

    If I am ever in management (in healthcare that is), everybody on my unit would "understand" that I need people who are interested in the how and whys - in science, and in the new business venture the unit is, in reality. You either contribute to the magic or you're fired. I am no babysitter, but I am a good teacher and supporter of others as long as this giving is shared by all. If you aren't "all in" you're out.
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