vent on preceptor :( not ready to be off orientation but no choice.. - page 2

I am in my last (6th) week of orientation. Happy and terrified. Happy because I no longer have to work along side with my preceptor. Terrified because it's my last week he's still doing half of my patient care FOR me. Calling the... Read More

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    simplelc, wow your story sounds like some of the preceptors I have had. They interrupt my med pass and tell me who to give to next and so on because they have been working the hall forever and Im brand new. It is helpful at the beggining but I am on my own for the first time tommorow night and I feel ready in some ways but in others Im a little scared. I had one super bad night last week with my preceptor that made me want to quit. I have been getting physically ill because of the anxiety and stress of this job. Im going to work tommorow but I am going to make myself a "plan" for what I would like to accomplish in my ideal night and how to handle everything else that could throw my night off. Im also working on a list for trouble shooting s/s of illness and other issues that could arise. Im bringing a small notepad to write down notes as I go along. If Im going to survive this I need to make sure I am as prepared as I can be and learn something new each night to add to my knowledge.

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