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The first year: So much learned, so much to learn - page 2

Today marks one year since I started my first real nursing job in the PACU. I mentioned this to my preceptor the other day, and she said she thought the year had flown by. I do, too, but it has... Read More

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    Thank you for that piece...fantastic insights. I'm sure you will continue to grow and flourish in your career and feel more and more confident in your skills and ability to piece it all together. You "get it". I admire your perseverance.
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    Your take on critical thinking is exactly how I feel. I hear that term thrown around all the time at work and I can't stand it. Thank you!
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    Great advice. And man, I need someone like you on my unit to program all my PCA's...I haaaaaate programming, and especially troubleshooting, those things!
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    I hit my one year mark as a RN in October! I can't believe it. I'm so happy to have made it. I wanted to give up many times.

    I'm still on the learning curve and I still feel stupid sometimes...but I'm happy to see myself growing. I'm less task-oriented and I can chat more easily with my patients, educating them with confidence and still accomplishing all my tasks. I can better anticipate what patients and doctors want and need. My assessment skills and critical thinking skills are also way, way better.

    It can be hard sometimes...during a recent 12-hour night shift I was abused by a very rude patient. But the hard comes with the rewarding...because a few hours later I was notifying the orthopedic resident that my POD#1 hip replacement patient had no order for warfarin (and no PT/INR lab result).

    That's nursing. The good with the awful. I hope it gets easier...
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    For the truely motivated nurses, you learn something new almost every day... especially at allnurses.
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    I love your writing style and appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. I am not yet where you are, but am well on my way (it will be my 2nd career). Continue to grow in grace. Knowing your resources but not constantly relying on them is always a good thing.
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    Quote from wannabecnl
    I think the only things that teach critical thinking are experience and curiosity.
    YES. This should be framed as a reminder for all nurses, new or not.
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    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure you will do great things as a nurse.
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    Thank you so much for sharing! I am in my second month of orientation as a new grad and, although I feel like I am improving (slowly, but surely), I still feel slow and dumb. Sometimes I feel like my preceptor looks at me as if I'm a complete idiot! I have to keep reminding my self that I am new at this, and many things like the big buzz words of *time management,* *critical thinking,* and *prioritization* will get better with time and experience. I shouldn't expect to be perfect right away.

    I have to say though that I am freaking out that I will be on my own soon and don't feel ready! Your first paragraph about anxiety really resonated with me! I even have nightmares about my patients and making mistakes on the floor! Anyone else have that problem?

    Anyway, I am glad to hear that you are doing well and that it does get better! All the best to all of the new grads!!!
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    Thanks for this! im about to get off orientation in four days. I still feel like a complete idiot and im so scared that ill be drowing in so many tasks i have to finish by myself. I feel like some of my coworkers are so frustrated with me cause sometimes im so slow and take such a long time at the medication room. But at least im learning to just not care anymore about what other people think. At least now im learning that what matters is the perserverance.
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    As a nurse of almost 24 years , I can tell you that you will never stop learning and growing as long as you have the desire and motivation .
    I learn so many new things every day and my thirst for knowledge never ends! My ability to help save lives defines me and I admit I am addicted to the adrenaline rush I experience daily at work .
    Good luck on your journey. !
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    Im a newly grad, will be starting to work in the coming weeks and i feel sooo scared...but this post was encouraging thank you. You made me realize that it's normal to feel not 100% prepared the first year working as a nurse.
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    I've been a nurse for a year and a half now and you're post has made me realize that I also no longer am obsessed with the obituaries. Great read.