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  1. I have been a floor nurse for almost 4 years in both acute and acute rehab settings and I did a short stint in an outpatient wound care clinic which I also really liked. I may have an opportunity to do some PRN home care, mostly wound care it sounds like. I have never considered home care before. What do all of you like about being home care nurses? What is the pay range in your area? Are you ever in any scary situations (I'm in scary situations all the time in the hospital but there are always other people around!)? Anything you don't like about it? How many visits do you do a day/week? I guess I'm just trying to get a feel for if this is something I would enjoy doing, would be worthwhile financailly and would I be good at it. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  2. duckyluck111

    Prevalence of Christians in the field of nursing

    There are lots of good people who aren't Christian and you may find that you have similar values even if you don't worship similarly. Please keep an open mind.
  3. I think the OP has a very valid point. We have had many flunk out and the math skills of some of my classmates was atrocious. Not to say they won't be good nurses but I'd definitely double check their calculations! If entrance requirements at a particular school are lax, it's not doing students who aren't prepared for the challenge any favor to let them in and have them rack up debt only to flunk out.
  4. duckyluck111

    I need some advice and guidance

    One great piece of advice I got about nclex questions was don't just try to figure out the right answer but figure out why the other answers are wrong. It may be worth shelling out the money for the actual kaplan or hurst review course if you are just using their books. Regarding not being ready...A lot of learning happens on the job. The fact that you recognize that you have deficiencies puts you far ahead of a lot of new grads. There are a lot of new grad training programs out there. But seriously, worry about that later...concentrate on the test right now. Take it one thing at a time...your overall anxiety level may be negatively affecting your ability to study effectively.
  5. duckyluck111

    Don't You Just Love It?

    Why don't you just start your own board for only "established posters" if it bothers you so much.
  6. duckyluck111

    Writing "readiness for enhanced" diagnoses...Help!

    Obviously you already turned this paper since I'm responding a year later in but just in case anybody else is looking for information on this topic, according to Lynda Carpenito, Nursing Diagnosis Application to Clinical Practice 14th edition p. 15 "Health-promotion nursing diagnoses do not contain related factors" in other words, you just say Readiness for Enhanced Comfort. You have related goals that "give direction for interventions".
  7. duckyluck111

    The first year: So much learned, so much to learn

    Thank you for that piece...fantastic insights. I'm sure you will continue to grow and flourish in your career and feel more and more confident in your skills and ability to piece it all together. You "get it". I admire your perseverance.
  8. duckyluck111


    No..as a matter of fact, I am not pregnant and am not planning on being ever again. If there was a pregnant coworker on my floor and I could take her isolation patients so as not to take any chances, I would. You are the one who is grossly misinformed. There is increased risk in working with people who have transmissible diseases even with that great paper gown they give you and if I could protect a coworker who is in a state of decreased immunity and sacrificing 9 months of her life to bring a baby into this world, I would gladly help her out. I feel so sorry for your coworkers. Sounds like you are the one who is lazy and selfish to boot!
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    You go ahead then..I wouldn't do it.
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    Ummmm...maybe because your immune system is depressed during pregnancy and you need to be concerned about catching something for which the treatment may be contraindicated during pregnancy like so many of the potent antibiotics that you'd need to take if you caught something like TB or MRSA.
  11. duckyluck111

    Did being unattractive hurt your career?

  12. duckyluck111

    New Grad Nurse & Pregnant

    It sounds like you are still fairly early in your pregnancy and while a small minority of people have nausea all the way through their pregnancies, for the majority it clears up by about 14-16 weeks. Even before then, I felt that the distraction of work did help...I even vomited a few times at work and just kept right on working (usually I would feel better after vomiting). I just kept a toothbrush and breath mints around. Just about everybody I know felt great during the 2nd and most of the 3rd trimester until the last 3-4 weeks or so when you get huge and uncomfortable and being on your feet for 12 hours may present a problem but cross that bridge when you come to it...you can always request a schedule change at that point. Good luck to you!
  13. duckyluck111

    A Day In The Life Of A Nursing Student

    I have definitely come home exhausted from a clinical despite currently being in a profession that requires a ton of physical exertion and being on my feet for 9-13 hours a day and being in excellent shape if I do say so. I think this statement was completely uncalled for. Of course there is a learning curve. As a novice, you waste a lot of time running around trying to find things, trying to find your clinical instructor to witness procedures and med pass and just all around doing things in the least efficient manner possible and helping your fellow students who also don't know what they are doing. Plus, you probably did not sleep very much the night before...there is also a mental exhaustion component to the experience. You eventually learn time management, and the most efficient ways of doing things that take less energy and less wear and tear on the body. Don't pay any attention to this statement. Every single one of my classmates was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of our clinical weekends. You are in good company. Hang in there and don't let the naysayers discourage you.
  14. duckyluck111

    Just bought my textbooks - a mini-grumbling session

    If you're wondering what is in the "kit", it's going to be a lot of different kinds of syringes, wound dressing kits, foley catheter kits, IV bags and tubing, lots of gloves, alcohol wipes and all that other fun stuff you're going to practice with. Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-$100. There's just no getting around it, nursing school is an expensive proposition. Hopefully it will pay off for you.
  15. duckyluck111

    What didnt you do in school?

    I agree. You tube is great, but can you imagine approaching a patient and saying "I've never done this but I saw it on You Tube"