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Let me preface this with, I am SO excited to be an orientee. I know it's going to be a great job, hard sometimes, but good. I've finished six weeks of floor nursing on med/surg units. Now for the first time I will be going to... Read More

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    yes to brain sheets! They are a big help!

    :hugs: I'm sorry you had a rough day, OP! Some days will be like that and others will be cake. It just depends! Are you going to be with that same preceptor during your whole orientation process? Perhaps you can speak with management about switching preceptors to find a better "fit."

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    Consider whether your preceptor's questions were an appropriate attempt to keep you thinking, prioritizing, and on track ... instead of "spinning" in a circle without focus when things get really intense.

    Glad to hear you had a better day to follow.
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