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Warning this rant is long and likely something you hear too much about but here it goes... I am a displaced automotive engineer, passed my state boards 03/2013 and started last April on a step down... Read More

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    Quote from swansonplace
    What are good positions for new grads? Wound care, Med Surg, Nursing infomatics, etc.
    Sorry guys, but 'specialist' roles usually require a very strong clinical background first. There just doesn't seem to be any way to escape paying your 'dues'.

    As a semi-archaic person myself, I cringed when I read the OP's comment about being older and the effect it has on memory..... that's pretty much been disproved.

    I'm an educator & my specialty is critical care. I think that there's a factor that everyone seems to be missing in this discussion - the ability to multi-task. There is a wide variance in the number of "things" an individual can pay attention to at any given time. In educator (& human factors) lingo it's called "cognitive load". This does not have anything to do with intelligence. Some people cannot adequately process more than 3 or 4 separate things simultaneously while others can handle up to 7 or 8. If you are not one of the latter group, a very fast paced, high intensity clinical area is not for you. Although it gets better as expertise develops, this sort of environment will always feel chaotic to someone with low cognitive load capability. Of course, I don't know the OP at all, but based on friends (& family) who are in engineering fields, they tend to be natural linear thinkers... very thorough, logical and rational, but not comfortable with multi-tasking.

    There's an 'ideal' environment for everyone. There are many nursing roles in which the OP's wealth of experience, skills & knowledge would be very valuable. Occupational health may be a great fit since he is probably far more knowledgeable about non-healthcare work settings than most of us. Jobs that require analysis and processing of quality data may also be a good fit.

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