New Grad Nurses struggling to find jobs - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you

  1. 30 appreciates how difficult the job market can be for new grad nurses.

    We are working with Annalyn Kurtz, a CNN Money Reporter get info for an article that will highlight this nationwide issue. We have created a form where you can share your story with the reporter.

    We WILL SHARE this info with the CNN Reporter and she MAY contact you with your prefererd contact method. All the info you share is OPTIONAL and will not be posted on the public board.

    *Even if you did get a job, please fill in the form to share your story of your job hunt process.*

    Thanks in advance! - Brian Short - Founder of

    Click here to go to the form to fill out

    If you wish to comment on this publicly, please post your comments below.
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    Great idea!
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    Be sure to tell your stories, new grads. The public would benefit from hearing the raw truth.
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    I just graduated in December, and have a job already. All I have to do is pass boards. And I had no insider help-i didn't know somebody at this hospital. In fact lots of my school buddies already have jobs and we are all still waiting to take boards. I wish everyone's story turned out this way.
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    Just added: *Even if you did get a job, please fill in the form to share your story of your job hunt process.*
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    Calling all new grads having difficulty getting jobs! Here is your change!!!!

    Awesome Brian!!!!
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    submitted my story took me 6mths, and its still only part time no insurance... been 6 mths since i had insurance! not sure what to do now... still looking for a full time job.

    Also, i think finding a job quickly depends on your location and amount of nursing school in your area.
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    Best of luck to all our new grads.
  10. 4
    I just submitted my story and I hope others will too! The public needs to hear our story and struggles!
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    I have over 60 applications out in a 1.5 hour radius of my home. I have not received any offers of interviews or even any calls. I have only received e-mails saying they are going for someone with more education/experience for the positions. I have re-enrolled in school to receive my BSN in hopes that this will give me an edge above some of my competitors. Good luck everyone!!
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