New grad nightmare...

  1. Okay, I am a new grad looking for advice. Since it is tough for a new grad to get a job at a hospital,I accepted a job at a LTC facility as an RN and it has turned out to be a nightmare. I am ready to quit after two weeks from hell.
    When I interviewed they told be I would get four weeks of training and I would shadow a nurse for two weeks and she would shadow me for the remaining two. Well, they lied about everything. I received no training at all I was put on the floor on days with a nurse and 32 residents and she would tell me to go pass all the meds and just stop her if I had questions. Every time I would look for her I couldn't find her and if I had questions she was just plain rude. I was lucky that pharmacology was a strong point for me and had basic knowledge of most of the meds. There was a 9 am, 11 am 1 and 2 med pass so it went on all day long and I would double and triple check all of the meds I gave. I couldn't believe I managed to get through it because it was horrible. I went home in tears thinking I did something wrong and would lose my license. The nurses are mean and they told me they had no training and that's how it was for them and it will happen to me too. Out of the five days on the day shift the narcotics count was short three days for Ativan. That was a little too coincidental for me especially when the other nurse I counted with changed the numbers. I worked nights the second week and that was worse with 44 residents it just went on all night with two big med passes and the accucheks and it seemed like everyone needed insulin. Then I walked into a non verbal resident's room to flush her g-tube and she had an order for oral care. There was a horrible smell that I assumed was c-diff but the other nurses told me its just from poor oral care. I couldn't believe that smell was from poor oral care since I saw her four days earlier and there was no odor. I listened to her bowels thinking that she could have an obstruction and her bowels were silent. I told the LPN that was in charge of the shift of my thoughts and she told me no that the odor is from poor oral care and I need to take care of it. I would bet money on it that she had a bowel obstruction. That was the first time I never heard bowel sounds on a patient.
    I also found out that this facility has violations and IDPH is coming out to check on in January. There are so many things that I would like to report to IDPH, the poor infection control, there was a resident in isolation that they all would use the same gown when they would walk in the room if they used it at all. The nurses borrow meds from other residents. There were no resident identifiers for pass meds I would be told to give meds to the guy in the middle bed in room 201. The cnas sleep on the night shift. I had a hospice patient that needed to be turned every two hours they told me to do it. I never saw the hospice patient turned by anyone but me in the time I was there. If the resident argues they say just don't give the meds if they say no. The facility requires the nurses to buy their own BP, O2 and T equipment. All the nurses use different digital equipment that is inaccurate. I found that to be true on several residents one guy had BP of 212/112 and when I took it manually it was 156/72. I think the nurses make up the vitals when they chart. It is common to have to stay 2 hours or more when shift is over just to chart. I passed digoxin and I knew to take the apical pulse while the other nurses are taking it off of the digital equipment. How accurate is that? I was never given any policies or procedures to sign off on that I understand them. I was just thrown into the fire.

    I am afraid to lose my license working at a place like this. All I want is to be mentored by a good nurse and there are none that work at this facility . As a new grad beggars cant be choosers and I never quit a job before I got another one but this place really scares me and I am going to quit. Would it be kept confidential to call IDPH to report this facility? Sorry this is so long.... I feel like I am being punished...I hope there are better opportunities than this.
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  3. by   netglow
    I'd get the heck out kiddo. No way it's going to be anything but bad for the patients and you. IDPH doesn't seem to care much now do they. There are lots of LTCs like that one, yet, they are all still there. Nobody has shut them down.

    You want to be an RN, but this is being a partner in abuse.

    Stop looking so hard for an RN job right now, get a job outside nursing to buy time. There are precious few decent places for IL nurses to work these days. Nobody could stomach a place like the one your in.
  4. by   uRNmyway
    As far as reporting to IDPH, you should be safe. I don't know if it's the case everywhere in the US, but the state where I work has whistleblower protection laws. You could possibly even report to DFAX or something. But document everything you have, facts only, no opinions, try to get witnesses to corroborate if you can. It might be important if they ever try to get you in trouble.
  5. by   traumaRUs
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  6. by   gigglestarsRN
    I hate to say it but this sounds like something you need to run from--that sounds downright scary and i feel bad for the picture you painted for those residents. I agree with the first poster to not partner with a place like that, all you will learn is bad habits from what it sounds like. I'm so sorry this was your first experience but I think your gut told you what to do...
  7. by   elprup
    Such a tragedy that this happens. And such a tragedy that when you leave there will be another new nurse willing to take that spot. Whether they stay or go is not an issue because there will always be another nurse. So sad. Exactly why I did not last in my firt LTC experience. Loved the patients but could not stomach how they were treated.
  8. by   momo72
    Wow, your story sounds exactly the same as mine a few years ago. I was made charge after 3 days ( worked 11p-7a ). I found out very quickly to worry about myself, and my license, the facility doesn't care! I had to use my basic nursing assessment skills from school and looked up any medication I did not know. I also learned to just listen to my gut. I busted my butt for 8 months. I was over worked and over stressed!! When I was given the chance to leave that nightmare I did. Look for work now!!! I truly feel for you, I am also so sad places like this are allowed to stay open. Just remember to CYA through great documentation, if given the chance they will throw you under the bus, especially if they think you are trying to report their poor treatment of the patients. Good luck to you! There are good LTC facilities out there, may just need to keep looking. Take care.

    Michele RN
  9. by   owlRN01
    I am so sorry that you have to put up with a place like this. I also feel for the patients... I have never worked in LTC but as a recent grad I know how tough the job market is and I agree someone will be ready and willing to take your place. I would get out of there as fast as you can! Even if you have to work outside of nursing right now it has to be better than putting your liscense at risk. I wish you luck in finding a safe environment where you can learn from other nurses and take care of patients the way they should be taken care of. You sound like a very good nurse
  10. by   SarahLeeRN
    There are better opportunities out there for you. There are better LTC facilities. There are better nursing jobs period-even for a new grad. I would say leave ASAP. A good indicator of a facility in distress is a place that does not provide adequate orientation to a new grad. It's not worth it for you. I would say get out while the gettins good...
  11. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    This sounds like my first nursing job as a LPN in an ALF. I stayed my year and left. Start looking for a new job now. I wish you the best. You seem like a nurse that cares. You deserve better.
  12. by   aphillipi
    I went through the same exact thing as a new grad. After I had one terrible, horrendous night I called the don and said I was never coming back. She was actually really nice and wrote me a letter of recommendation! I guess she knew the situation was as bad as it was and couldnt blame me for wanting to get out. Now I'm in hospice and love it! I strongly suggest you get out of there and find somewhere that appreciates their nurses more.
  13. by   FurBabyMom
    My first nursing job was not THAT bad, but there were many many many flaws with the facility... I stayed less than 13 weeks. I didn't feel bad about leaving. Still don't feel bad about leaving. Totally wasn't surprised when I saw on TV that one of the companies hired for medicaid administration in that state revoked the contract with that facility. I moved on to another hospital for a while and am now in a dream job setting. Never expected to be here so soon but it was quite possibly a chance I wouldn't get a chance to take again, ever.

    The thing is, sometimes you have to do what is best for you. And to me, it's fairly obvious that that job is not best for you. I won't say LTC is bad, it's not bad everywhere. I am very sure there are more reputable and law abiding facilities out there. There are some good and bad facilities across the spectrum of healthcare from home health to the major medical centers with every specialty available...

    It's surprising to me how much I really learned from my first job. It wasn't a chance to see coworkers doing as they should, but it taught me so much about myself. Sometimes you have to trust your gut, and this is one of them. Don't forget lessons like that and don't ignore your gut feelings...

    Best wishes for you, something better really is out there. It's a matter of finding it
  14. by   Vishwamitr
    Hi Baglemae22,
    My condolences (for having been treated like that). I am not sure what your opinion of nursing is now. I sincerely hope that you are not totally disillusioned because a few rotten apples do not represent an orchard.
    I always say that just having a licensure does not make one a nurse. One also needs ethics, compassion, and empathy. The so-called nurses that you have described or their loved-ones will get nurses to attend to them, sooner or later and then the poetic justice will be done. Kick your crocs off and run from there as fast as you can without looking back. That is a house of horror if not a house of ill-repute.