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    So here I am, licensed up and ready to work. However, as I get calls, I'm getting super low-balled in salary with each interview.

    For instance, in Iowa, the average salary is around 50k per year. I was offered 35k per year at LTC.

    I'm wondering how to handle this and how long I should wait around for that "decent" paying job.

    Would you ask for increase of salary because you know that you are being incredibly low-balled? If so, how would you go about that?

    And, I wonder, on average, how much a new grad makes without any experience (me)?

    Should I expect this no matter where I go and apply?

    Thanks for your insight.

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    You have zero experience, you will get bottom of the barrel pay. Keep in mind the 50k you see may include health and retirement benefits.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Don't assume you are being low-balled just because you don't like the salary offer. Salaries have been stagnant the last few years. Do detailed homework. Where did you get that $50K figure? Was that an "average salary" for nurses in the area? If so, then you should expect to receive noticably less than that. Did the $50K include the cost of benefits? Did it include differentials for night shifts and weekends?

    What did the $35K figure include? Was that a base salary that did NOT include differentials for nights and weekends? If so, your actual pay be significantly higher once you factor those things in.

    In short ... it is impossible to tell from what you have told us in your initial post whether or not you are being low-balled. I hope you are factoring all that other stuff in before you draw any conclusions. You could be turning down jobs that are actually offering decent pay for the region.
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    Dude you are brand new. You need to adjust your expectations.
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    Are you average or above average? That 50k is just for average people. Hold out for 75 or 100.

    If you take a non-ideal job two things happen: you start making money and you gain experience.

    If you don't take the job you make nothing and gain no experience.

    You may think you are worth a hundred a year but the truth of the matter is that it's a buyers market right now and you won't (likely) be getting it.
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    That does seem really low, but you need to get experience so I would take what seems to be the best job opportunity for you and your future plans.
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    Quote from Floridatrail2006
    For instance, in Iowa, the average salary is around 50k per year. I was offered 35k per year at LTC.
    You are right, I live in Iowa and make about that...minus 6K.. as a brand new grad, but I work in a hospital. I think 35K is very low...and I was told that Iowa was at the bottom of the totem pole as far as wages for RNs go. Do you live in Iowa? I was assuming Florida by your username...
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    Healthcare employers usually have very clearly defined compensation programs. Each job has a defined salary range with entry level, midpoint and maximum for that job. There are specific criteria that are evaluated to determine where you fall within that range. Usually, these include years of experience, education & certifications/specialty skills. They do not deviate because this will open them up to charges of discrimination (giving different salaries to people with the same qualifications). The only people who can negotiate salary are managers or those with unique, hard-to-find skills.

    As PPs said, be sure to consider your 'total compensation' package including benefits such as vacation, tuition reimbursement, retirement contributions, healthcare benefits, etc. This hidden paycheck usually adds from 17-25% to your salary. The only way you can actually compare is to apply at various other organizations and compare the salary information you are provided with.
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    If the average is $50k, that means half make more, half make less. Is that staff nurses in LTC, or also include highly trained & certified nurses? You have no experience, require training, and are not as skilled as someone doing the job for 10, 20, 30 years.

    try Welcome to Salary.com - Salary.com and see what the market is for someone with your education and experience in your area

    Not totally accurate, but puts you in the ballpark.
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    Not to be cranky, MrChicago, but if half make more and half make less that is "median", not "average". Average is something entirely different.
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