Kaplan Scores and Passing NCLEX

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    I am doing the online version of Kaplan and I am consistently getting 69% on the QBank tests...does anybody know if this translates into a fair chance of passing the NCLEX or a horrible chance?
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    Kaplan's goal is for you to score higher than 65%
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    higher than a 65% on their practice tests? does that imply a decent chance of passing the nclex? or they want you to get higher that 65% on the nclex?
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    I've been doing Kaplan trainers and some of the qbanks but can get no more than 55%. Does this mean I will fail the nclex?
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    I used all the q-bank questions and averaged 62%.

    I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions.
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    i got low scores with kaplan but still made it! there questions are quite hard. and will squeeze your brain cells!
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    I was told by my in class Kaplan instructor that a score of 57-62% is good, and that a 65% reflects a 95% pass ratio on NCLEX. I haven't taken boards yet, and I keep scoring in that range on the q-bank and question trainers so we will see how it all goes. Good luck!
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    my average overall was 61% I had done all test trainers and 600 qbank questions. I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions
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    i had used kaplan consistent got 65% on q trainers 4,5 ..66% on 6,7 i did not do the qbank, qtrainers reflect the test well passed my boards this april with 75..kaplan is a good guide but the test nowhere near..but makes u comfortable and gives u the endurance once u do 6&7...i was soo intent on taking the test that when the screen went blue i was like ..what the..than the questionaire..told me the test was over..i took the test at 8am i was out on the street going home at 930...so good guide
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    69% is awesome! You will do fine. I think I averaged in low 60's (two years ago with Kaplan). I passed first time with 75 questions. You will be fine...Congrats in advance!!!