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  1. Anyone have a copy of Patricia Benner's "from novice to expert" they would want to sell?? i can't find it anywhere, even used, for under $30.
  2. muskrats

    FNP program at St. Joseph--should i do it???

    of maine. http://www.sjcme.edu/content/online-nurse-practitioner-program
  3. muskrats

    which first? fnp or cnm?

    I am thinking I want to get both degrees...mostly to be marketable in my very very rural area. (i live 3 hours from the closest major hospital...we have a hospital but its only 16 beds and as far as laboring moms go, if anything goes wrong, they life-flight them to the big hospital). I figure FNP in addition to CNM would allow me to do both. Does anyone have experience doing this?? And, which degree program would you suggest doing first??
  4. I just need someone to push me over the edge of my decision. I am staring at the "submit application" button on St.Joseph's webpage for the FNP program. Anyone in the program? what are your thoughts? What was your background before applying? any one with a bachelor's in a non-nursing field with their AD in nursing?? please, any info is helpful.
  5. i have been applying to fnp/cnm schools and st. louis university told me (a little late!) that they no longer took applicants from minnesota because minnesota requires all faculty that interacts with the student to be licensed in minnesota. i was devastated--so i called frontier (the school i really want to go to) and they said they had never heard of this. anyone go to frontier from minnesota?? here's the statute-- minnesota rules 6305.0300 (authorization to practice nursing) subpart 1, required authorization (https://www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us/rules/?id=6305.0300) states that "a minnesota license and current registration certificate or a permit is required if an individual practices professional nursing as defined in minnesota statutes, section 148.171, subdivision 15, or practical nursing as defined in minnesota statutes, section 148.171, subdivision 14, whether for monetary compensation or as a volunteer, or if an individual is a faculty member for an out-of-state nursing or nursing assistant program and is supervising nursing students or nursing assistant students in minnesota except as provided in minnesota statutes, section 148.271." (emphasis)
  6. Hi all. I am applying for the Frontier program as an AD nurse with a BA in a non-nursing field. In order to skip the whole "bridge" thing (an additional year of coursework) I am attemping to seek admission through this portfolio. Long story short, i am VERY overwhelmed by this portfolio and wondered if there was any one out there who had done it...and got accepted. If so...tell me about it. tell me about you. tell me about your experiences that you included in the paper. tell me how you approached it. any advice, anticdotes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  7. muskrats

    On-line PA programs

    Anyone know of any on-line PA programs? I can't find any. Thanks.
  8. Hi all. I could really use some help. I am looking for any schools that offer a dual FNP/CNM program ON-LINE. So far, only Vanderbilt and some school in Michigan seem to offer an actual dual FNP/CNM program. But both of those are on-campus programs. Does anyone know of any others? Are they on-line? I realize there are many programs that you can get a post-master's certificate through. My hang-up with that, though, is the time commitment. I already have a BA for a four year college and my two year RN degree. (aka, i've already been in school for 6 years). I really really want to be an FNP/CNM but i really really don't want to be in school for ever and ever. That said, if all i can find is a post-master's program...how long does it take to get your post-master's certificate after completing the initial MSN program? wow. sorry for the rambling. any help/advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm driving myself crazy.