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Kaplan Scores and Passing NCLEX

  1. 0 I am doing the online version of Kaplan and I am consistently getting 69% on the QBank tests...does anybody know if this translates into a fair chance of passing the NCLEX or a horrible chance?
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    Kaplan's goal is for you to score higher than 65%
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    higher than a 65% on their practice tests? does that imply a decent chance of passing the nclex? or they want you to get higher that 65% on the nclex?
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    I've been doing Kaplan trainers and some of the qbanks but can get no more than 55%. Does this mean I will fail the nclex?
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    I used all the q-bank questions and averaged 62%.

    I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions.
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    i got low scores with kaplan but still made it! there questions are quite hard. and will squeeze your brain cells!
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    I was told by my in class Kaplan instructor that a score of 57-62% is good, and that a 65% reflects a 95% pass ratio on NCLEX. I haven't taken boards yet, and I keep scoring in that range on the q-bank and question trainers so we will see how it all goes. Good luck!
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    my average overall was 61% I had done all test trainers and 600 qbank questions. I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions
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    i had used kaplan consistent got 65% on q trainers 4,5 ..66% on 6,7 i did not do the qbank, qtrainers reflect the test well passed my boards this april with 75..kaplan is a good guide but the test nowhere near..but makes u comfortable and gives u the endurance once u do 6&7...i was soo intent on taking the test that when the screen went blue i was like ..what the..than the questionaire..told me the test was over..i took the test at 8am i was out on the street going home at 930...so good guide
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    69% is awesome! You will do fine. I think I averaged in low 60's (two years ago with Kaplan). I passed first time with 75 questions. You will be fine...Congrats in advance!!!
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    Im hoping to use Kaplan...I reallllly need to pass this exam.
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    I am currently taking the Kaplan and the instructor informed us that if we do not consistantly get a 65% on all, re-book it and don't take it.
    After coming back to the real world, I have read many responses on other threads that this is NOT true. You CAN pass with a lower grade.
    A 65% on the Kaplan represents an A. Middle to low 50's represent a low B to a C.

    There are good points and silly points they give out but in all honesty, I have found their test taking stratigies to be very effective in getting the right answer. I still have lots of studying to do before the test in a week but I feel confident enough that I will pass and its important to keep that focus.

    So you guys out there who are stressing because your only getting 58's on the Kaplan............I have absolutely no doubt you will pass! Be confident going in to the test room, eat TONS of sugar to keep your mind alert ( Lifesavers are excellent unless of course your a diabetic)!!! and sugar ingested just before a long test has been proven to enhance test taking, don't even crack a book the day before-- have a relaxing day and have fun!!!
    Get to bed at a decent hour and deep breathe, close your eyes, focus, put in ear plugs when you take your test and your chances are greatly increased.

    Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!
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    I took Kaplen course a couple weeks ago and I got average score 63 on q-bank so far. I finished trainer1-6, my best one is 76 and the worst one is 58. I will take trainer #7 next week. I hope to pass Nclex on my first trial which is early July. Do you think i need review all the questions I am done before nclex?