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I'm 99% sure I hate something. I don't know if its my job or my career choice :/ I have only been working on a med surg floor for about 3 months now....but the hospital I work at is in a tiny... Read More

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    I went in a few interviews just scared of the grass not being greener! Lol But everyone I've talked to agrees that most new grads are not done this way

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    I haven't checked this post in a few days but it is so nice to hear that I am not crazy or being a whiny brat new grad!!!! I am getting so tired of hearing "this is not textbook world....it's real world!" Since when is violating hipaa on a regular basis..not carrying out dr orders...cursing at the nurses station...charting meds that you didn't give or saying you gave then giving them to another pt "text book world" I have reported all of this stuff to my floor director..house supervisor...and even out DON. But I am literally fighting the system here,...I just feel like nothing is going to change. Jobs are very hard to come by where I live....I drive almost am hour each way to get to this job now...so I'm afraid to quit bc I'm the sole income for my household. Even with two bachelors degrees and my RN...no one really wants me bc of my lack of experience...and not to toot my own horn..but I also feel like bc I'm smart...or maybe just competent?? I swear these LVNs (no offense...it just happens that they are all lvns) are begging for a sentinel event or to get their license revoked!!! But no one has the time or energy to report them so they have just been getting away with this bad behavior for years.....terrifies me after I see what happened to a pt the other night who was on an amiodarone drip.....

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