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  1. mwc1230

    How long is your NS drive?

    I drive about 70 miles each way, but it is 95% interstate so it isn't too bad, but still takes an hour. We only have one hospital here so all clinicals are away.
  2. mwc1230

    Evenings and Weekend BSN Programs

    Not that I am aware of, but Panola in Carthage TX has one and they do some clinicals in Shreveport and classes online. Where are you at?
  3. mwc1230

    Admissions make a mistake got denied

    Wow~ Congrats!!!!
  4. mwc1230

    Well, I took the Pax-RN Test today...

    Congrats!!! The vocab was the hardest for me as well. I got a 135 but considering I graduated with my BA 5 yrs ago, I was quite proud of myself.
  5. mwc1230

    Microbiology with A&P I OR II?

    I took micro and a&p1 this summer and got A's in both so it is doable. A&P1 is really the basics, A&P2 will be diving into each organ system so i would think doing it with 1 would be easier.
  6. mwc1230

    ADN Program at LA Technical College in Houma,LA

    I took my NLN there and the lady just told me that require a 100 on it and they do percentages for your gpa and classes. Sorry, I couldnt' be of more help.
  7. mwc1230

    A&P and Micro at the same time?

    I took A&P 1 and Micro this summer (3 days/wk, 9 wks) after returning for my second degree (graduated in '05). While it is not the easiest thing to do, if you have no choice then you just do it. I was stressed before it even started! What if I fail, i haven't done this in 5 yrs and i have 2 hard classes, etc...Basically, my husband layed it down and explained I didn't have a choice, I HAD to do it. And guess what?! I made 2 A's!!!! So, if this is what you really want and you have to then do it! If not, then wait.
  8. mwc1230

    Quiz on my 1st day of Anatomy Class!?!?!!

    Also, you really need to know how to apply the info not just what it is. I always explained everything to my husband, even if all that info was on that particular note card. If you can explain it then you know it.
  9. mwc1230

    Should I become a nurse at 30?

    What a story! So glad everything worked out! I am 28 with an 18 month old and will start clinicals in january. I graduated in 2005 and worked for in state government until may when i decided to go back. Good luck!!!!
  10. mwc1230

    Is anyone commuting really far away?

    I drive 75 miles each way, but it is on the interstate abot 95% so it takes about an hour or so. I start clinicals in January so that is going to suck getting up that early.
  11. mwc1230

    A&P II (Fall 2010) anyone?

    I start Monday and will have my same professor from A&P 1 for Lab and Lecture. This is the first time they have seperated Lab and Lecture so I hope it is ok. I had an A in A&P 1 so I hope to repeat!
  12. mwc1230

    Quiz on my 1st day of Anatomy Class!?!?!!

    Read, Read, Read and note cards!!!! I would have over a 100 notecards a test but they really help!
  13. mwc1230

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    I rec'd my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago!!!! I returned to school this summer after graduating in 2005. Unfortunately, there is no ABSN I could attend so I am going for my ADN at SUSLA. I think the waiting to begin is way worse than the wait for my letter. Now I have 5 months of anxiety! lol All I think is can I do this? I am 28 with an 18 mos old and my husband is works away 14/14. Guess all I can do is try! Good luck to everyone!!!!
  14. mwc1230

    Do you donate blood?

    I do!!! Although, sometimes I am refused due to low iron but over the past few years I have been able to everytime. I try to do it as much as I can so whenever I see Bloodshare at WalMart or wherever I stop by. I am O+ so I feel like I SHOULD since he can help everyone. Those low blood supply commercials really get to me! lol