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First Day By Myself

  1. 2 Hi all! I finished 13 weeks of orientation last Friday ( my unit educator is awesome ) I am on a busy ortho/ general surgery floor and have learned sooooo much during my orientation. I was lucky to have amazing preceptorship and supportive coworkers. Today was my first day by myself without a preceptor.... and while I was and still am nervous ( I am so honored that I get to care for our patients), I also know that the training I received and my education has prepared me well and I look forward to learning much more and hopefully branching into the ICU in the years to come . Good luck to rest of my fellow new grads who are just starting orientations, in the middle of orientation or finishing.
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    Congratulations, I wish you well in your career!
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    Your going to be great. Congrats and I"m glad you had a good experience!
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    Congrats! I hope I feel as good as you when I finish my OR internship.
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    I can't wait until I'm in your position, the moment where you've finished school, got a career and finally figure out where everything is without even having to ask someone. Congrats
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    Oh man!

    What degree do you have?
    ASN, BSN?
    What state are you practicing in?
    Did you have an ''in'' with management?

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    I'm happy for you. I hope to feel the same way in a few weeks when I make it off orientation.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Congratulations I cant wait to be in your shoes!
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    I wish I got 13 weeks I only get 8, for a tele floor!
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    Congratulations! Keep up the enthusiasm and desire to keep learning, and you'll do great!
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    That's great, I'm so excited for you! It is a wonderful feeling to be on your own and succeeding